Phoebe Tomlinson Siblings: Exploring The Lives Of Her Other Family Members

Phoebe Tomlinson Siblings: A Closer Look at the Famous Family.!!!

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Explore the fascinating world of Phoebe Tomlinson’s siblings.
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Phoebe Tomlinson is a popular social media star and model, who has over 3 million followers on Instagram.

She is also the youngest sister of One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson.

But did you know that she has five other siblings, each with their own unique talents and achievements?

In this blog post, we will explore the lives and backgrounds of Phoebe Tomlinson siblings, and learn more about this remarkable family.

Phoebe Tomlinson was born on March 25, 2004, in Doncaster, England.

She is the daughter of Johannah Poulston and Mark Tomlinson, who divorced in 2011.

She has a twin sister named Daisy, who is also a social media influencer and model.

Phoebe and Daisy are the youngest of six siblings, who share a close bond and often support each other’s endeavors.

Siblings’ Names and Background

The Tomlinson siblings form a diverse and accomplished group:

  1. Louis Tomlinson (born December 24, 1991): The oldest and most famous sibling, known for his role in One Direction and a successful solo career. He’s also a judge on The X Factor UK.
  2. Lottie Tomlinson (born August 4, 1998): A makeup artist and influencer with over 4 million Instagram followers, Lottie has worked with celebrities and launched her own makeup line, Tanologist.
  3. Félicité Tomlinson (born August 16, 2000): A budding fashion designer and writer, Félicité tragically passed away in 2019 at the age of 18 due to a cardiac arrest.
  4. Phoebe Tomlinson (born March 25, 2004): The fourth oldest, gaining popularity in the social media and modeling world with over 3 million Instagram followers and representation by Storm Management.
  5. Daisy Tomlinson (born March 25, 2004): Phoebe’s twin sister, also a social media sensation and model with over 2 million Instagram followers. She collaborates with Phoebe on various projects and is signed with Storm Management.
  6. Ernest and Doris Deakin (born February 10, 2014): The adorable twins, half-siblings to the others, born to Johannah Poulston and Daniel Deakin, who married in 2014.

Early Life and Family Dynamics

The Tomlinson siblings were raised in a large and affectionate family, instilling a sense of support and care.

Their mother, Johannah Poulston, a nurse and charity worker, was a source of kindness and encouragement.

Tragically, she succumbed to leukemia in 2016 at the age of 43, leaving a lasting impact on the family.

Mark Tomlinson, their father and a former singer turned businessman, divorced Johannah in 2011 but remained actively involved in his children’s lives.

The family expanded when Johannah married Daniel Deakin in 2014, adding the youngest twins, Ernest and Doris, to the mix.

Despite the challenges, the siblings found strength in each other, cherishing moments of joy, laughter, and shared milestones.

They commemorate holidays, birthdays, and achievements, accompanied by a menagerie of beloved pets including dogs, cats, and horses.

Personal Lives

Delving into the personal lives of the Tomlinson siblings reveals a tapestry of relationships and individual journeys:

  • Louis Tomlinson: A dedicated father to his son Freddie, born in 2016. He was in a long-term relationship with Eleanor Calder until their breakup in 2020.
  • Lottie Tomlinson: In a relationship with Lewis Burton since 2020, sharing moments of their romance on social media. She was previously involved with tattoo artist Tommy Napolitano.
  • Félicité Tomlinson: Single at the time of her passing in 2019, Félicité had been romantically linked with individuals like rapper Rishi Rish and DJ Lukey Storey.
  • Phoebe Tomlinson: Currently single, with past associations with figures like Brooklyn Beckham, Romeo Beckham, Harvey Cantwell, and Ollie White.

  • Daisy Tomlinson: Single, having been linked with Jack Dail, Harry Styles, Cameron Dallas, and Jacob Sartorius.
  • Ernest and Doris Deakin: Too young for romantic pursuits, the twins are adored by their older siblings, especially Louis, who often takes them on delightful outings.

Philanthropy and Social Impact

Making a Difference in the World

The Tomlinson siblings, beyond their fame and success, are hearts of gold, deeply involved in philanthropic endeavors and social causes.

They channel their time, resources, and influence into various initiatives that hold personal significance for them:

1. Cancer Research and Awareness:

  • Driven by the painful loss of their mother to leukemia, the siblings are fervent advocates for cancer research and awareness.
  • They actively participate in campaigns for organizations like Cancer Research UK, Stand Up To Cancer, and The Eden Dora Trust.
  • Donations for auctions, involvement in events, and encouraging their fan base to join the cause are just a few ways they contribute.

2. Mental Health and Wellbeing:

  • In the wake of losing a sibling to a cardiac arrest caused by an accidental overdose, the siblings have become outspoken champions for mental health.
  • They share their personal struggles with grief, anxiety, and depression, urging their fans to seek help and support when needed.
  • Support for organizations such as Mind, CALM, and Heads Together underscores their commitment to mental health services and resources.

3. Children’s Rights and Education:

  • Advocates for children’s rights and education, particularly for the marginalized, the siblings actively support organizations like UNICEF, Save the Children, and Comic Relief.
  • Visiting schools and orphanages, donating books and supplies, they strive to inspire and empower young minds for a brighter future.

4. Animal Welfare and Conservation:

  • As animal lovers, the siblings extend their compassion to the welfare and conservation of both domestic and wild creatures.
  • Support for organizations like PETA, WWF, and The Humane Society aligns with their dedication to protecting animals from cruelty and extinction.
  • Adopting and fostering animals, coupled with promoting veganism and vegetarianism, reflects their commitment to reducing animal suffering.

Their Wealth/Net Worth

  • Their successful careers and ventures have resulted in considerable wealth.
  • Estimated net worths include Louis ($70 million), Lottie ($4 million), Félicité ($1 million), Phoebe ($2 million), Daisy ($2 million), and Ernest and Doris (unknown).

Hobbies and Interests:

  • In their downtime, the siblings indulge in a variety of hobbies:
    • Louis: Football, music, and golf
    • Lottie: Traveling, cooking, and yoga
    • Félicité: Reading, writing, and drawing
    • Phoebe: Horse riding, dancing, and photography
    • Daisy: Singing, painting, and gardening
    • Ernest and Doris: Playing, learning, and cuddling

Their Role Models and Inspirations:

  • Influenced by notable figures, each sibling has their own set of role models:
    • Louis: His mother, Robbie Williams, and Ed Sheeran
    • Lottie: Her mother, Kylie Jenner, and Charlotte Tilbury
    • Félicité: Her mother, Audrey Hepburn, and J.K. Rowling
    • Phoebe: Her mother, Kendall Jenner, and Emma Watson
    • Daisy: Her mother, Taylor Swift, and Frida Kahlo
    • Ernest and Doris: Their mother, their siblings, and Peppa Pig

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Phoebe Tomlinson siblings

Are Phoebe Tomlinson siblings related to Harry Styles?

No, they are not related by blood, but they share a close friendship with Harry Styles, who considers them as his extended family.

What are Phoebe Tomlinson siblings’ zodiac signs?

Louis (Capricorn), Lottie (Leo), Félicité (Leo), Phoebe (Aries), Daisy (Aries), and Ernest and Doris (Aquarius).

For those curious about their ages, as of January 2024: Louis (32), Lottie (25), Félicité (deceased at 18), Phoebe (19), Daisy (19), and Ernest and Doris (9).


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