Quinton-Simon-Siblings: A Heartfelt Chronicle of Family Unity


an lmage of quinton-simon-siblings

A web of dysfunction, substance abuse, and criminal history surrounds this troubled

He we delve into the lives of Quinton’s immediate family members, shedding light on their tumultuous relationships and troubled pas

Leilani Simon (Mother)

an lmage of Leilani Simon

Leilani Simon, Quinton’s mother, is at the center of this heartbreaking saga.

Her life has been marked by a rollercoaster of choices, from substance abuse to court hearings.

Court documents reveal that she is a “chronic, unrehabilitated substance abuser of cocaine and cannabis”.

Leilani’s actions have left her family questioning her trustworthiness, especially after admitting to drug use during pregnancy.

Despite moments of greatness, her inconsistency raises doubts among those who care for her.

Nathaniel Quinton Betterton (Uncle)

Quinton’s uncle, Nathaniel Quinton Betterton, adds another layer of complexity to the family narrative.

Currently serving time in prison for manslaughter and robbery, Nathaniel’s troubled past casts a shadow over the entire family.

His actions have left Quinton’s fate hanging in the balance, as investigators search for clues to the toddler’s disappearance.

Billie Jo Howell (Grandmother)

An lmage of Billie Jo Howell

Billie Jo Howell, Quinton’s grandmother, once compared the family to the dysfunctional characters of the TV show “Shameless.”

Her candid assessment highlights the family’s struggles with drug and alcohol problems.

Despite having legal custody of Quinton, Howell’s own rap sheet and volatile relationship with her daughter, Leilani, raise questions about her ability to provide a stable environment for the children.

The Division of Family and Children Services eventually placed Quinton’s siblings—aged three and six months—into foster care due to inadequate supervision.


The tragic tale of Quinton Simon’s disappearance reveals a family torn apart by addiction, criminality, and strained relationships.

As investigators continue their search, we can only hope for answers and justice. Quinton’s siblings, caught in the crossfire, deserve a brighter future—one free from the dysfunction that has plagued their family.

In summary, the Simon family’s story serves as a stark reminder of the impact dysfunction can have on innocent lives.

Let us strive for better, both as individuals and as a society, to protect our most vulnerable members.


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