Rachel Dolezal Siblings: Get To Know Why She Adopted A New Name And Identifies As A Black

Rachel Dolezal Siblings: Understanding the Complexities of Racial Identity.!!!

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Examining the Debate Surrounding Race and Identity.
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Rachel Dolezal, a one-time civil rights advocate and university lecturer, gained notoriety in 2015 following revelations that she, a Caucasian woman, had been living as a black person.

Her fabricated identity, which included false claims about her family background, garnered widespread attention.

Despite asserting she had a black father and son, investigations revealed they were her adopted brother and nephew, respectively.

Dolezal underwent physical transformations and adopted a new name to perpetuate her false identity.

Now, attention turns to her siblings and their perspectives on her controversial deceit.

Here’s an insight into who they are and their thoughts on her actions.

Rachel Dolezal’s Siblings

Rachel Dolezal’s brothers and sisters have responded to her scandal with varying emotions, spanning from shock and disappointment to bitterness and animosity.

Each sibling has unique recollections of their upbringing with her and their involvement in her fabricated narrative.

Rachel remains estranged from all her siblings, persisting in her assertion of identifying as black despite contrary evidence.

Furthermore, she has legally changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo, translating to “gift of God” in Igbo, a Nigerian language.

Despite the controversy, she maintains her decisions, expressing contentment with her transformed life.

Profile Summary

Attribute Details
Other names Rachel Moore, Nkechi Amare Diallo
Born November 12, 1977
Occupation Former college instructor, activist, hairdresser
Known for Presenting herself as a black woman despite being born to white parents
Education Belhaven University (BA), Howard University (MFA)
Political party Democratic
Spouse Kevin Moore (m. 2000; div. 2004)
Children 2
Parents Ruthanne and Larry Dolezal
Siblings Brothers – Joshua Dolezal, Ezra Dolezal, Izaiah Dolezal, Zach DolezalSister – Esther Dolezal

Rachel Siblings

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Joshua Dolezal

Joshua Dolezal, Rachel’s sole biological sibling, serves as an English professor at Central College in Iowa.

He authored the book “Down from the Mountaintop: From Belief to Belonging,” recounting his upbringing in Montana and his spiritual journey.

Their relationship fractured in 2013 when he accused Rachel of falsehoods regarding her racial identity and mistreatment of their adopted siblings.

Additionally, he provided testimony against her in a legal proceeding where she faced charges of perjury and welfare fraud.

Joshua expresses bewilderment over Rachel’s decision to fabricate her identity and desires her to acknowledge wrongdoing and seek assistance.

Ezra Dolezal

Ezra Dolezal, one of Rachel’s four adopted siblings, hails from African-American heritage and was taken in by Rachel’s parents, Ruthanne and Larry Dolezal, at the age of seven.

Raised alongside Rachel in Montana, he relocated with her to Spokane, Washington, in 2012.

However, he soon discerned Rachel’s pretense of being black and her request for him to deceive others about their relationship.

She instructed him to assert they were biological siblings and that their father was a black man named Albert Wilkerson.

Rejecting her deceitful scheme, Ezra declined to comply and publicly disclosed her actions to the media in 2015.

He expresses feelings of betrayal and emotional pain inflicted by Rachel, indicating he no longer regards her as a sibling.

Izaiah Dolezal

Izaiah Dolezal, another of Rachel’s adopted siblings, shares African-American heritage and entered the Dolezal family through adoption at the age of six.

Originally adopted alongside his biological sister, Esther, their bond was disrupted when Rachel brought Izaiah to Spokane, claiming him as her son.

She proceeded to rename him Langston Attickus Dolezal, drawing inspiration from the black poet Langston Hughes and anti-slavery activist John Brown.

Izaiah recounts feelings of confusion and discontent during his time with Rachel, expressing a longing for his biological family. Subsequently, he reunited with his parents and sister, severing ties with Rachel.

Zach Dolezal

Zach Dolezal, the youngest of Rachel Dolezal’s adopted siblings, also shares African-American ancestry and became part of the Dolezal family through adoption at the age of two.

Residing primarily with the Dolezal parents in Montana, Zach had limited interaction with Rachel.

He expresses shock and sadness upon learning of Rachel’s deception, wishing her peace and contentment.

Despite the circumstances, he maintains affection for Rachel as his sister and refrains from passing judgment on her decisions.

Esther Dolezal

Esther Dolezal, the sole female among Rachel’s adopted siblings, shares African-American heritage and joined the Dolezal family through adoption at the age of five.

Initially adopted alongside her biological brother, Izaiah, their bond fractured when Rachel relocated with Izaiah to Spokane.

Esther reflects on feeling forsaken and resentful due to Rachel’s decisions, expressing fear towards her actions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Rachel Dolezal

Q: What led Rachel Dolezal to claim a black identity despite being born to white parents?

A: Rachel Dolezal’s adoption of a black identity has been attributed to complex factors, including:

Her involvement in civil rights activism, her experiences growing up in a diverse community, and her personal identification with African-American culture.

She has stated that she began identifying as black at a young age and has maintained this identity despite criticism and controversy.


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