Raquel Leviss’ Sister: The Story of Kate Couture-Moncure

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In the glittering world of “Vanderpump Rules,” where drama and intrigue reign supreme, there’s more to the story than what unfolds on screen.

Enter Kate Couture-Moncure, the half-sister of series regular Raquel Leviss.

While the show often focuses on the tangled relationships of the main cast, Kate’s presence adds a layer of complexity.

Let’s delve into the fascinating tale of these two sisters and the bonds that tie them together.

Raquel Leviss’ Sister: A Closer Look

Kate Couture-Moncure, a real estate agent based in Los Angeles, keeps a low-key profile.

Her LinkedIn page lists her as a professional in the real estate industry, and her work primarily revolves around property sales.

From modest listings to multi-million-dollar deals, Kate navigates the competitive market with finesse.

But her role extends beyond the realm of real estate; she’s also a protective big sister to Raquel.

The Unusual Family Dynamic

Raquel Leviss’ upbringing is far from conventional. Born in Los Angeles, she was adopted at birth by her aunt, Laura.

The twist? Raquel’s biological mother, Susan, had given birth to Kate before Raquel.

Susan’s accidental pregnancy led to a unique arrangement: Laura stepped in to raise Raquel, while Kate became her biological sister.

It’s a tale of love, sacrifice, and family bonds that defy traditional norms.

Kate’s Stand: Defending Raquel

Kate Couture-Moncure isn’t afraid to speak up for her sister.

When rumors swirled about Raquel’s involvement in a heated confrontation with Scheana Shay, Kate chimed in.

Her tweet hinted at physical altercations, emphasizing that she wasn’t condoning violence but standing up for family.

Kate’s protective instincts shine through, even in the spotlight of reality TV drama.


In the glitzy world of “Vanderpump Rules,” Kate Couture-Moncure adds depth to the narrative.

Her unwavering support for Raquel Leviss transcends the screen, reminding us that family ties can withstand any storm.

As Kate continues her real estate endeavors, she remains a steadfast confidante and defender a testament to the enduring bond between these two sisters.


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