Reba McEntire Siblings: Explore the Country Star’s Family

Reba McEntire Siblings: Discover the Siblings of Reba McEntire.!!!

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Reba McEntire and her siblings Susie, Pake and Alice. PHOTO Source | REBA MCENTIRE INSTAGRAM

Reba McEntire deeply cares for her siblings: sisters Alice Foran and Susie McEntire-Eaton, and brother Pake McEntire.

Reba’s parents, Clark Vincent and Jacqueline Smith McEntire, raised their three daughters and son on a large family farm in Oklahoma while Clark competed in rodeo professionally.

Reba, Susie, and Pake all developed a passion for singing in high school, influenced by Jacqueline, who nurtured their love for music from a young age.

“By the time I got to junior high school, Pake, Susie, and I were singing more and more together around our house;

Sometimes we were the entertainment when Mama and Daddy’s friends came over to play dominoes,” the singer shared in her 1995 memoir, Reba: My Story.

“Pake played acoustic rhythm guitar and sang melody. I sang the high harmony, and Susie sang the low.”

During the early to mid-’80s, Reba’s country music career skyrocketed with the release of Unlimited and My Kind of Country.

During this time, Susie and Pake provided background vocals for Reba.

This exposure helped Pake kickstart his own music career, while Susie spent a few years touring with Reba before transitioning to Christian music.

Meanwhile, Alice chose a more private life away from the spotlight.

She worked as a social worker before serving as the county director of the Department of Human Services in Atoka, Oklahoma.

“Alice is the rock, the one you can call at three in the morning, and she’ll always be ready to help in any way,” Reba wrote about her sister.

Here’s everything you need to know about Reba McEntire’s siblings: Susie, Pake, and Alice and their special bond with the country music star.

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Reba and her siblings grew up on their family ranch

Reba and her siblings experienced a distinctive upbringing.

They were raised on their family’s vast 8,000-acre ranch in Chockie, Oklahoma, where they were actively involved in tending to the land and animals from a young age.

“By the time I was six, I was gathering cattle, and by seven, I was doing it from before daylight until after dark,” Reba recounted in Reba: My Story.

“Alice, Pake, and I would saddle the horses, tie them up, and then go tell Daddy we were ready.”

Jacqueline, like Reba, harbored aspirations of becoming a country music star.

However, she eventually pursued careers in the education sector, working as a schoolteacher, librarian, and high school superintendent’s secretary.

Meanwhile, Clark excelled as a three-time world champion steer roper.

The family often spent weekends on the road, supporting him at local rodeos, where most of his children followed in his footsteps.

Pake displayed talent in roping, while Reba dedicated a decade to competing in barrel racing before stepping away from the sport at age 21.

Alice continued to hone her barrel racing skills.

They were known as “the singing McEntires”

Reba McEntire with her siblings Susie, Pake, and Alice, and her parents Jaqueline Smith and Clark McEntire.
Reba McEntire with her siblings Susie, Pake and Alice, and her parents Jacqueline Smith McEntire and Clark McEntire. PHOTO Source | REBA MCENTIRE INSTAGRAM

Reba and her siblings earned the nickname “the singing McEntires” during their high school years, largely due to their mother’s influence.

She taught them how to sing and harmonize, never hesitating to correct them if they were off-key.

“Whenever anyone needed feedback on who’s off-key whether it’s Susie on my part or me on Susie’s part Mom would come in with her spatula while frying potatoes,” Reba recounted during an appearance on Today with Hoda & Jenna.

“She’d say, ‘OK, Reba, you’re on Susie’s part. Sing it again.’ We’d sing, and she’d say, ‘Oh, that’s perfect,’ then return to frying potatoes.”

The family band gained local popularity, performing at rodeos and clubs in the area.

Susie and Pake sang backup for Reba

Reba McEntire and Susie McEntire attend the 2017 CMT Music Awards on June 7, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Reba McEntire and Susie McEntire attend the 2017 CMT Music Awards on June 7, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. PHOTO Source | JEFF KRAVITZ/FILMMAGIC

Before embarking on their individual music journeys, Susie and Pake frequently provided backup vocals for Reba.

By the time Susie could join Reba on tour, Reba had already established herself as a prominent figure in the music scene.

Their collaborative harmonies can be heard on albums like Heart to Heart (1981) and Unlimited (1982).

Susie gained valuable television exposure by appearing alongside Reba on programs such as The Johnny Carson Show and the CBS sketch comedy Hee Haw.

Reflecting on her experience, Susie expressed gratitude for the lessons learned during her time on the road with Reba, which ultimately prepared her for her own solo career in music.

In an interview with United Press International, Pake acknowledged that Reba’s initial contract not only propelled her music career but also provided opportunities for him and Susie.

He emphasized his support for Reba’s achievements over the years and acknowledged her role in opening doors for their own careers in music.

Susie became a Christian music singer

Susie McEntire performs at the 2014 Inspirational Country Music Awards on November 13, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.

After completing her studies at Oklahoma State University in 1980, Susie dedicated herself to a career in music.

However, it wasn’t until 1984 that she discovered her true passion in Christian music.

Since then, Susie has released over a dozen albums during her illustrious career and achieved four No. 1 singles on the Positive Country radio charts.

According to information on her website, she was honored as Entertainer of the Year by the International Country Gospel Music Association in 1993 and received the Female Vocalist of the Year award at the 2007 Country Gospel Connection Choice Awards.

More recently, in 2018, she was inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

On her website, Susie reflects on the person who had the most significant impact on her spiritual journey: her Grandma Smith, who cared for her while her siblings attended school.

She attributes her understanding of Christianity to her grandmother’s influence, emphasizing that it’s not solely about attending church but about allowing Christ to live through her.

Pake is a ​​multi-time rodeo roping champion

While embarking on his music journey, Pake was simultaneously establishing himself as a notable figure in the rodeo arena.

He achieved victory at the Pendleton Round-Up in 1984 and secured the title of the Ben Johnson Memorial Steer Roping champion in 1990, as reported by The Oklahoman.

Pake’s deep affinity for rodeo is evident in his daughter’s name, Chism, which pays homage to John Chism, a renowned cattle baron from the 1800s.

His fondness for roping traces back to his childhood, as he recalled to United Press International:

“Every time I went out on the front porch with a rope, the dogs would run under the house. I used to rope cats and hogs and anything with legs that would stand still.”

In addition to his rodeo pursuits, Pake briefly pursued a solo music career. He inked a deal with RCA Records in 1986 and released his debut album, “Too Old to Grow Up Now.”

However, his collaboration with the label ended, leading Pake to continue his musical journey as an independent artist.

They have a combined total of 7 kids

Alice and her husband, Robert, have three sons, Vince, Garett, and Trevor, and a daughter named Haley.

During a joint interview with Reba and Susie on the Jesus Calling podcast, Alice reflected on her role as the eldest sibling, expressing how it primed her for motherhood.

She shared, “I was always meant to be a mama. And I practiced on y’all, you know, disciplined you and took the responsibility.”

Susie, a mother of three, has sons named E.P. and Samuel and a daughter named Lucchese from her previous marriage.

In December 2009, she remarried Mark Eaton, who also has three children.

They have settled in Atoka, Oklahoma, where they oversee their family farm with the assistance of their 12 grandchildren, according to Tri-State Livestock News.

Pake and his wife are parents to three daughters: Autumn, Calamity, and Chism. They reside on a 1,040-acre ranch in Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, Reba has a son named Shelby Blackstock from her previous marriage to Narvel Blackstock, with whom she was married for 26 years. Shelby and his wife now reside in Nashville.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Reba McEntire Siblings

Q. Who are Reba McEntire’s siblings?

A. Reba McEntire has three siblings: two sisters named Alice Foran and Susie McEntire-Eaton, and a brother named Pake McEntire.


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