Rebel Wilson Siblings: A Closer Look at Her Family

An lmage of rebel wilson siblings
rebel wilson siblings

Rebel Wilson, a renowned comedian and actress, is not only known for her roles in ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Pitch Perfect’ but also for her unique family.

Rebel, born in 1980, is the oldest of four siblings, each with a name as unique as hers.

Let’s delve into the lives of each of these interesting individuals.

Liberty Wilson

An lmage of Liberty Wilson

Born in 1982, Liberty Wilson is the second oldest sibling in the Wilson family.

She shares a close bond with Rebel, given their close age gap.

Liberty, named after one of her parents’ favorite department stores, has embraced her unique name and the tradition it represents.

She has a daughter named Sovereign.

Liberty, like Rebel, has also had a taste of the spotlight, having competed on Season 1 of The Amazing Race Australia along with their brother, Ryot.

Liberty Wilson

an lmage of Ryot Wilson

Ryot Wilson, born in 1988, is Rebel’s only brother.

 He showcased his competitive side when he competed on Season 1 of The Amazing Race Australia with Liberty

Ryot leads a different life from his sisters, being a professional poker player.

Despite his competitive nature, Ryot’s intelligence and unique personality shine through.

Annachi Wilson

an lmage of Annachi Wilson

Annachi Wilson, born in 1992, is the youngest of the Wilson siblings.

Her real name is Annaleise, but she prefers to be called Annachi, which is similar to the word “anarchy”.

Annachi often accompanies Rebel at movie premieres and other public events, and they have even worked together


Rebel Wilson’s siblings, Liberty, Ryot, and Annachi, each lead unique lives, reflecting the individuality of their names.

Despite their different paths, they share a strong bond, often seen supporting each other in their endeavors.

Their unique names and diverse interests make the Wilson family truly one-of-a-kind.


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