Remembering Angela Grier: Young Thug Sister, Mother, and Unsung Hero

Who was Young Thug Sister, Angela Grier?

Image of Young Thug, Sister Angela Grier
Young Thus Sister Angela Grier

Angela Grier, one of Young Thug’s 11 siblings (Jeffery Lamar Williams), passed away on March 26, 2023. Leaving behind three children, her cause of death remains private.

This article delves into Angela’s identity, her connection to Young Thug, and the legacy she leaves behind.

Angela Grier’s early life and family

Image of Young Thug Sister Angela Grier
Image of Young Thug Sister Angela Grier | photo courtesy | Instagram


Angela Grier, born in Atlanta, Georgia, was part of a large family with 11 siblings. Despite having different biological fathers than some siblings, they shared a strong connection.

Angela, older than Young Thug, who was the second youngest, had a sister named Alexis Grier (Dolly White), a rapper signed to Young Thug’s label, Young Stoner Life (YSL) Records.

Another sister, Dorothea “Dora” Grier, is the youngest and shares the same father as Young Thug.

Tragically, they lost a brother to a shooting outside their home during Young Thug’s childhood.

Angela Grier’s relationship with Young Thug

Young Thug’s sister Grier actively supported Young Thug’s music career and frequently featured him in his social media updates.

Proud of her brother’s success, she cherished his achievements and music.

Angela maintained close relationships with his labelmates and friends like Gunna and Lil Keed, who shared the grief over her passing.

Despite Young Thug‘s current incarceration and no public statement on his sister’s death, it’s evident that losing her has deeply affected him, considering the significant role she played as a source of love and inspiration in his life.


Young Thug’s Sister, Angela Grier’s children and personal life

Thug’s sister, Grier, a devoted mother, had three children: Quendarious, Farderren, and Aniya Grier.

She nurtured them with love and care, emphasizing her strong faith in God through social media posts.

Angela encountered personal challenges, notably the arrest of her son Farderren in 2022 for the fatal shooting of his girlfriend, Destiny Fitzpatrick.

Additionally, she faced health issues, which may have played a role in her passing.

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Angela Grier, a cherished sibling, mother, and friend, made a lasting impression on numerous lives.

As a member of Young Thug’s musically talented family, she actively supported her brother’s career, sharing his love for rap.

Known for her strong personality and profound faith, Angela passed away early, leaving a legacy of love and devotion.

Her absence will be felt deeply by family, friends, and fans.

May Angela Grier rest in peace.

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