Riley Keough Siblings: The Shocking Story Following The Death Of Their Mother

Following her mother Lisa Marie Presley’s passing on January 12, Riley Keough assumed the role of a protective older sister for her 14-year-old twin siblings, Finley and Harper Lockwood.

The 33-year-old actress, famed for her performance in “Daisy Jones & the Six,” has been navigating the complexities of family dynamics and the drama surrounding her mother’s death.

Despite the united front presented to the public during the Graceland memorial on January 22, which included extended family members such as grandma Priscilla, uncle Navarone Garibaldi Garcia, and the twins’ father Michael Lockwood, sources disclose brewing tension behind the scenes.

The presence of Michael, who was not formally invited but attended with Priscilla’s assistance, contributed to the underlying conflict.

Riley Keough Siblings: The Shocking Story After The Death Of Their Mother
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Lisa Marie and Priscilla’s Strained Bond

For years, the strained relationship between Lisa Marie and Priscilla had worsened, with Lisa Marie’s separation from Michael in 2016 adding to the tension.

The aftermath of a bitter custody battle over the twins contributed to the rift, with Riley siding with her mother.

The tension escalated when Priscilla and Michael flew together to Lisa Marie’s funeral, further deepening the divide.

Legal Battles and Family Feuds Over Elvis’ Fortune

The drama peaked when lawyers representing Priscilla filed a petition challenging the authenticity of a 2016 amendment to Lisa Marie’s living trust.

Priscilla contests the amendment, which grants control of the trust to Riley and Lisa Marie’s late son Benjamin Keough, asserting ignorance of the changes.

The dispute over Elvis’ fortune has strained the relationship between Riley and Priscilla, reducing communication between them to a minimum.

Riley and Priscilla Court Battle Over Control

A photo of Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough
Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough: Photo source (Forbes)

If the court nullifies the 2016 amendment, Priscilla and Riley will assume the role of cotrustees, potentially triggering additional conflicts over control.

Riley is adamant about preventing Priscilla from interfering, while Priscilla is actively pursuing a voice in decision-making.

The fate of Elvis’ financial legacy will be decided in the upcoming court hearing scheduled for April 13.

Riley’s Acting Career and Motherhood

Despite the ongoing family feud, Riley channels her focus into her acting career and takes on a starring role in “Daisy Jones & the Six” on Amazon Prime Video.

Her personal life also sees joy with the arrival of her first child in 2022. Meanwhile, Priscilla remains active in the entertainment industry, co-creating Netflix’s “Agent Elvis” and becoming the subject of an upcoming biopic.

Jerry Schilling’s Hope for Elvis’ Legacy

As the legal battles unfold, Jerry Schilling, a close friend of Elvis, expresses a desire for Graceland to remain a historical landmark.

He hopes to preserve it as Elvis left it, emphasizing its significance for generations of Presley children.

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