Roald Dahl siblings: A Family Forged in Tragedy

“Uncover the history and heartache behind the Roald Dahl siblings, whose lives influenced one of the greatest storytellers of our time.”
“Uncover the history and heartache behind the Roald Dahl siblings, whose lives influenced one of the greatest storytellers of our time.”

Roald Dahl, the mastermind behind fantastical tales like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Matilda,” wasn’t an only child.

His childhood was a whirlwind of sisters and a sprinkle of half-siblings, making his upbringing anything but ordinary.

So, buckle up, and let’s delve into the lives of Roald Dahl’s siblings!

The Tragic Loss

Roald Dahl’s early years were marked by joy and sorrow.

His first language was Norwegian, spoken at home with his parents and three sisters: Astri, Alfhild, and Else.

However, tragedy struck when Astri, just seven years old, succumbed to appendicitis in 1920.

This heartbreaking loss would shape Dahl’s perspective on life and inspire some of his most poignant works.

lfhild and Else

Alfhild and Else, Dahl’s surviving sisters, shared their brother’s upbringing in the Lutheran faith.

They were baptized at the Norwegian Church in Cardiff, where their parents worshipped.

Their presence in the Dahl household undoubtedly contributed to the rich tapestry of stories that would later emerge from Roald’s imagination.

Louis Dahl

Louis, Roald Dahl’s half-brother from his father’s first marriage, added another layer to the family dynamics.

Although not as prominent in Roald’s life, Louis played a role in shaping the author’s understanding of relationships and human nature.

Ellen Marguerite

Ellen Marguerite, another half-sibling, was born to Roald’s father before his marriage to Sofie Magdalene.

While her influence on Roald’s literary endeavors remains less documented, her existence underscores the intricate web of connections within the Dahl family.

 Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl’s upbringing, shaped by his siblings and the tragedies they endured, fueled his imagination.

His Norwegian heritage, the loss of Astri, and the bonds with Alfhild, Else, Louis, and Ellen Marguerite all played a role in creating the magical worlds we cherish today.

From “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to “Matilda,” Dahl’s stories continue to enchant readers worldwide.


Can I visit the places where Roald Dahl and his siblings grew up?

Yes, fans of Roald Dahl can visit Llandaff, Cardiff, where Dahl spent his early years with his siblings.

The family’s Norwegian Church is also a point of interest for visitors.

Are there any books about Roald Dahl’s family and siblings?

While there are numerous biographies that explore Roald Dahl’s life, specific books about his siblings may not be as common.

However, references to his family can be found in his autobiographical works like “Boy: Tales of Childhood.”

Where can I find more information about Roald Dahl’s family tree?

For detailed information about Roald Dahl’s family tree, including his siblings, you can visit genealogy websites or resources dedicated to Roald Dahl’s life and works.



Roald Dahl’s siblings were more than mere family members; they were characters in the grand narrative of his life.

Their joys, sorrows, and resilience echo through his tales, reminding us that behind every beloved story lies a web of human experiences.

So, the next time you dive into a Roald Dahl book, remember the siblings who shaped the magic within its pages.

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