Rob Ryan’s Brother, Unpacking the Life of the Legendary Twins in NFL

The name Ryan is synonymous with aggressive defense in the NFL. At the forefront of this coaching dynasty stands Rex Ryan, a fiery leader who has left his mark on some of the league’s most formidable defensive units.

But Rob’s story doesn’t begin alone. He shares a unique footballing journey with his identical twin brother, Rex, forming a coaching duo that has captivated fans and challenged opponents for decades.

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Who is Rob Ryan’s brother?

Rob is the son of NFL coach Buddy Ryan and the twin brother of NFL coach Rex Ryan. He grew up alongside Rex in Ardmore, Oklahoma, where they were born in December 1962.

From a young age, Rex knew he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Playing defensive end for Southwestern Oklahoma University alongside his brother, Rex’s dedication to football was evident.

In 2011, he was honored with induction into the school’s Hall of Fame.

His coaching journey began as a graduate assistant at Eastern Kentucky, where he took his first steps towards a career in football coaching.

About Rob Ryan

Rob played defensive end for Southwestern Oklahoma State and started his career as an assistant coach at Western Kentucky in 1987. He served as the outside linebacker coach for Ohio State in 1988.

From 1989 to 1993, he coached running backs, linebackers, and defensive linemen for Tennessee State.

He then became the defensive backs coach for the Arizona Cardinals from 1994 to 1995.

Rex Ryan’s Career

Rex, a fraternal twin to brother Ron, grew up with their father, Buddy, a famed NFL head coach. From the age of six, Rex aimed to follow in his father’s footsteps.

He played defensive end for Southwestern Oklahoma University alongside his brother and was honored with induction into the school’s Hall of Fame in 2011.

His coaching journey began as a graduate assistant at Eastern Kentucky before moving on to become an assistant coach at New Mexico Highlands and later a defensive coordinator at Morehead State.

Rex then ventured into the NFL, joining the Arizona Cardinals to work under his father for two years.

Returning to college football, he served as the defensive coordinator for Cincinnati, Oklahoma, and Kansas State.

Rex later joined the Baltimore Ravens as a defensive line coach, eventually rising to the position of defensive coordinator and assistant head coach.

Since 2009, Rex Ryan has held the role of head coach for the New York Jets.

Known for his outspoken nature, he led the Jets to the AFC Championship Games in both 2009 and 2010.

In 2011, he released his autobiography, and in 2012, he made a cameo appearance in the film “That’s My Boy.”

How close is the bond between Rob and Rex?

Rob and Rex Ryan, twin brothers united by their love for football, share a bond that goes beyond the confines of the gridiron.

Their shared upbringing and experiences, both within and outside of football, have undeniably deepened their connection.

Beyond being siblings, Rob and Rex Ryan serve as each other’s confidants, allies, and collaborators in their football endeavors.

Their closeness extends beyond the realm of the sport, encompassing a profound and enduring brotherly relationship.

Did they ever coach together on the same team?

Rob Ryan and Rex Ryan, twin brothers fueled by their mutual love for football, have intersected in their coaching journeys. Let’s delve into their shared coaching experiences:

  • New England Patriots (2000)

In 2000, both Rob and Rex joined the coaching staff of the New England Patriots.

Rob assumed the role of linebacker coach, while Rex took on the responsibilities of defensive line coach. Their combined efforts played a part in the Patriots’ success that season.

  • Arizona Cardinals (1994–1995)

During their tenure with the Arizona Cardinals, Rob and Rex once again collaborated.

Rob served as the defensive backs coach, with Rex working as the defensive line coach. Together, they influenced the Cardinals’ defensive strategies.

  • Buffalo Bills (2016)

In 2016, the Ryan brothers reunited with the Buffalo Bills. Rex assumed the position of head coach, while Rob took on roles as assistant head coach and defensive coordinator.

Their shared football expertise and close bond were evident throughout their time with the Bills.

While their coaching paths haven’t always aligned, these experiences have allowed Rob and Rex Ryan to work together, exchange ideas, and contribute to the sport they are passionate about.

Does Rob Ryan have another brother?

Indeed, Rob Ryan has another brother aside from his twin, Rex Ryan. His older sibling goes by the name of Jim Ryan.
Together, the three Ryan brothers are bonded by their passion for sports and their upbringing in a household deeply immersed in football.

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