Robert Williams Siblings: Meet His Sister Brittanni Smith

Learn about Robert Williams siblings and how his sister Brittanni  Smith supports him

Robert Williams, the NBA center has a sister named Brittanni Smith.

Famously known as “Time Lord,” Robert Williams is an American basketball player currently playing as a center for the Boston Celtics in the NBA.

Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, Robert is renowned for his exceptional shot-blocking skills and adeptness at grabbing rebounds. He excels as a rim-runner on the court.

Standing tall at 2.06 meters (6 feet 9 inches) and weighing approximately 108 kilograms (237 pounds), the star possesses an impressive physique.

Robert Williams attended North Caddo High School in Vivian, Louisiana.

During his high school years, he achieved a coveted four-star rating and earned the 50th position on ESPN’s prestigious Top 100 list for the class of 2016.

Subsequently, he enrolled at Texas A&M University to pursue college basketball.

In his debut college game, he demonstrated remarkable skills by contributing five points, five blocks, and seven rebounds.

Following his outstanding performance as a freshman during the 2016-2017 season, Robert Williams was honored by the SEC as the Defensive Player of the Year and received second Team All-SEC accolades.

Who is Robert William’s Sister Brittanni Smith? 

The rising star, Robert Williams, is fortunate to have a supportive sister named Brittanni Smith.

Brittanni Smith, born to Robert Fitzgerald Williams and Tundra Williams in Louisiana, America, is Robert’s older sister.

She boasts impressive academic achievements, having pursued majors in recreation, tourism science, and park management.

Deep sibling bond 

The bond between the siblings is remarkable and deeply special.

During the NBA Draft night, Brittanni became emotional during an interview, reminiscing about their childhood and expressing her pride in her younger brother.

Robert Williams Draft Night (Source: KTBS)
Robert Williams Draft Night (Source: KTBS)

Supportive Sister 

Despite Robert facing criticism for his 27th draft position, Brittanni remained strong in her support and encouragement for him.

Although their relationship is characterized by love and support, it’s not without its playful moments.

For instance, Brittanni once humorously referred to Robert as “Boo-Butt” instead of his earned nickname, “Time Lord,” in a tweet.

This playful interaction reveals the close and friendly relationship between the siblings, showing their enduring love and support for each other.


Does Robert Williams Have Brother?

Robert Williams, the NBA center, does not have a brother; however, he does have a sister named Brittanni Smith.

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