Ron Howard’s Brother: Clint, the Chameleon of Hollywood

While Ron Howard’s name shines in Hollywood, his younger brother, Clint Howard, has carved his own unique path in the industry. Often described as a “chameleon,” Clint’s acting career spans over six decades, with over 200 credits to his name.

Ron Howard's Brother

Ron Howard: A Hollywood Icon from Child Star to Acclaimed Director

From child star to renowned director, Ron Howard is a household name in the entertainment industry, seamlessly transitioning through the years.

Spanning six decades, he adorned iconic roles, crafted award-winning films, and dedicated himself to storytelling, captivating audiences worldwide.

Early Life and Acting Career:

Ron, born in 1954, embarked on his acting journey at two, charming audiences as Opie Taylor on “The Andy Griffith Show.” This role propelled him to national fame, establishing his youthful charm and comedic timing.

Continuing through childhood and teens, he starred in “Happy Days” as Richie Cunningham, solidifying his status as a beloved American icon.

Early Beginnings

Born in 1959, Clint followed in his brother’s footsteps, landing his first acting gig at the tender age of two on “The Andy Griffith Show.”

He continued acting throughout his childhood, appearing in shows like “Gentle Ben” and “The Baileys of Balboa.”

Clint Howard, the younger brother of director Ron Howard, is a prolific actor whose career spans six decades and a dizzying array of roles.

Often described as a “chameleon,” Clint effortlessly blends into varied characters, leaving a memorable mark on everything he touches.

Starting at a young age, Clint followed in his brother’s footsteps, appearing on “The Andy Griffith Show” as a toddler cowboy.

Breaking Out

In the 1970s, Clint’s breakthrough arrived with roles in cult classics such as “Eat My Dust!” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Swiftly emerging as a sought-after character actor, he skillfully vanishes into diverse, often quirky and offbeat roles.

Sci-Fi and Comedy

Clint has become a familiar face in the sci-fi world, appearing in franchises like “Star Trek” and lending his voice to the classic animated film “The Jungle Book.” He’s also a comedy veteran, bringing laughs to shows like “Arrested Development” and movies like the “Austin Powers” trilogy.

Working with Ron

Naturally, Clint has collaborated with his brother Ron on several projects, including “Apollo 13,” “A Beautiful Mind,” and “Rush.” Their sibling chemistry adds a special touch to these films.

Beyond Acting

Clint’s talents extend beyond acting. He’s a musician, leading his own band, The Kempsters, and a skilled artisan, making custom snow globes.

Ron Howard and Brother Clint
Who’s your favorite Howard brother? What film collaboration would you love to see them tackle next?

Legacy of Versatility

Clint Howard’s career is a proof to his skilled and dedication. He’s a beloved character actor who continues to surprise and delight audiences. So, next time you see Ron Howard on screen, remember the talented chameleon lurking in his shadow: Clint Howard.

How are Ron and Clint Howard different and similar?

Aspect Ron Howard Clint Howard
Acting Styles Known for all-American charm and relatable persona; portrays leading men, directors, and heroes in films like “Apollo 13” and “A Beautiful Mind.” Directing style leans towards heartwarming family stories and historical dramas. Screen chameleon, excelling in quirky, comedic roles, Clint Howard embraces the weird and wonderful, infusing unique flavor into projects.
Roles and Careers Child star turned A-list director; linear and impressive career trajectory; seamlessly transitioned from acting to directing, helming some of Hollywood’s most acclaimed films. Diverse roles and collaborations create a career mosaic; Clint consistently navigates TV, film, and voice-over, a constant, unpredictable industry presence.
Personalities Described as grounded and organized; embodies the responsible older brother figure; known for meticulousness and dedication to craft. Clint, carefree and adventurous, relishes spontaneity, embraces unconventional roles; his playful spirit and risk-taking infuse a odd spark into his work.
Support and Influence Champions Clint’s talent; casts him in several films; welcomes unique contributions; credited with helping Clint develop comedic timing. Constantly encouraging, Clint supports Ron’s directorial pursuits, providing honest feedback; their collaborations radiate mutual respect and deep understanding.

Bond and Respect:

Despite their differences, the Howard brothers share a deep bond forged by family and a shared love for storytelling.

They’ve navigated the complexities of Hollywood together, offering unwavering support and celebrating each other’s wins.

Their story is a proof to the power of siblinghood and the unique dynamics that blossom within creative families.

Ron and Clint Howard, odd yet united by talent, love, and unwavering belief in each other’s potential.


Ron and Clint Howard, Hollywood royalty with odd shades. While Ron shines as the director of some dramas, Clint thrives as a quirky character actor. Their styles may differ, but their careers intertwine beautifully. Ron champions Clint’s talent, casting him in his films, while Clint’s playful spirit adds spark to Ron’s productions. Their brotherly bond and professional respect shine, a proof to the potent blend of family and creative collaboration.

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