Rosa Parks siblings: Legacy of Strong Women


Rosa Parks is widely known as the “mother of the civil rights movement” for her courageous act of refusing to give up her seat on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955.

But what many people don’t know is that she had a brother who also played a significant role in her life and activism.

In this article, we will explore the family connections of Rosa Parks and how they influenced her personality, values, and vision.

Learn about the untold story of Rosa Parks siblings and how they shaped her life and legacy. Discover the family connections of the mother.
Learn about the untold story of Rosa Parks siblings and how they shaped her life and legacy. Discover the family connections of the mother.

Sylvester McCauley

Rosa and Sylvester grew up in a racially segregated and oppressive society, where they faced discrimination, violence, and poverty.

Their parents separated when they were young, and their mother moved them to live with their maternal grandparents on a farm outside Montgomery.

There, they also lived with their great-grandfather, a former indentured servant, who died when Rosa was six.


What did Rosa Parks’ brother do for a living?

Rosa Parks’ brother had to drop out of school when their mother became seriously ill.

He took up odd jobs to help support the family and later joined the Army during World War II.

Sylvester served in the European and the Pacific theaters, where he witnessed the horrors of war and racism.

He also met his wife, Daisy, while on leave in South Carolina.

After the war, they moved to Detroit and raised thirteen children. Sylvester worked for the Chrysler Motor Company and did carpentry jobs on the side.

Where can i learn more about Rosa Parks siblings and family?

You can learn more about Rosa Parks’ siblings and family by reading the book “Our Auntie Rosa: The Family of Rosa Parks Remembers Her Life and Lessons” by Sheila McCauley Keys, Rosa’s niece.

You can also visit the Library of Congress website, which has an online exhibition of Rosa Parks’ personal papers, photographs, and other materials.

 When and where did Rosa Parks’ brother die?

Rosa Parks’ brother died on July 11, 1977, at the age of 61.

He was buried at the Detroit Memorial Park Cemetery, near his sister’s grave.



Rosa Parks’ story transcends the single act of bravery on a bus. It’s a story woven with the threads of family, unwavering love, and shared values.

Her siblings, though often less known, played a crucial role in shaping her spirit, providing an emotional anchor, and silently contributing to the movement for a more just society.

Their lives remind us that the fight for equality is rarely a solo act, but a tapestry woven with countless threads of courage, faith, and the undeniable power of family.

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