Ross Lynch’s Siblings Revealed: Surprising Facts About the Lynch Family!

Ross Lynch’s Siblings: Unveiling the Lynch Family Dynamics

Ross Lynch, renowned as a member of the famous Lynch family, alongside his siblings, has traversed the globe as part of the R5 band.

Hailing from Littleton and later moving to Los Angeles in 2007, the Lynch siblings embarked on a journey in the entertainment industry.

Thus, they auditioned for commercials, movies, and TV series with remarkable success.

Ross, born to Stormie and Mark Lynch, shares this journey with three brothers and one sister.

Therefore, they foster a tight-knit bond through their shared experiences on tour and mutual love for music and acting.

Explore the unique dynamics of this extraordinary family as we rank Ross Lynch’s siblings from oldest to youngest.

 Ross Lynch's siblings posing together for a photo.
Meet the talented siblings of Ross Lynch – a family of stars in their own right! [PHOTO: Pinterest]

Riker Lynch

Riker Lynch, Ross’s eldest sibling, entered the world in 1991, currently standing at 30 years of age.

His parents, adhering to a tradition, bestowed upon all their children names starting with the letter ‘R’, settling on the moniker Riker for their firstborn.

With an illustrious career in both acting and music, Riker’s breakthrough came with his role as Jeff in the hit series Glee on Fox.

Debuting in the second season, he graced the screen in an additional eleven episodes across subsequent seasons.

Not content with television success alone, Riker also joined the Glee Live! In Concert! tour in 2011, showcasing his musical talents on a grand stage.

In 2009, Riker embarked on a musical journey alongside his siblings, forming the band R5, where he held the mantle of lead singer from inception until its eventual culmination.


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This venture culminated in a record deal with Hollywood Records, paving the way for R5’s inaugural tour.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Riker showcased his dance prowess on the esteemed platform of Dancing with the Stars.

Paired with Allison Holker, the duo wowed audiences, securing a second-place finish in the competition.

Riker returned to the show for its 27th season, this time as a trio partner alongside Witney Carson and Milo Manheim, further solidifying his multifaceted talents on the dance floor.

Rydel Lynch

Rydel Lynch, Ross’s sole sister, follows in the footsteps of her elder brother Riker, pursuing careers as both an actor and musician.

Her journey commenced with appearances in productions like Sunday School Musical, where she showcased her talents as a member of the Crossroads Choir.

Transitioning to screen roles, Rydel found herself alongside Riker as a cheerleader for the American girl group School Gyrls, marking the beginning of her foray into the entertainment industry.

Venturing further into acting, Rydel graced the screens in various films and TV series, including A Day as Holly’s Kids, Bunheads, and the Argentine telenovela Violetta.


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Her diverse roles demonstrated her versatility and commitment to her craft.

Alongside her siblings, Rydel contributed her musical prowess to the band R5, leaving an indelible mark with songs like ‘Sometime Last Night’ and ‘Lightning Strikes’.

These musical endeavors culminated in performances on the Sometime Last Night tour, showcasing Rydel’s multifaceted talents to audiences worldwide.

Beyond her contributions to R5’s musical journey, Rydel made appearances in the band’s movie, All Day, All Night, and featured in Taylor Mathews’s music video for the song ‘Head Over Feeling’.

Through her collaborative efforts and individual endeavors, Rydel continues to leave her mark on the entertainment landscape.

Rocky Lynch

Born in 1994 and currently 26 years old, Rocky Lynch shares the musical spotlight with his siblings as a member of the band R5 from 2009 to 2018, primarily serving as a guitarist.

The band’s journey commenced with the release of their first EP, Ready Set Rock, in March 2010.

However, their initial success faced a setback when Ross, one of the band members, secured a role in the Disney Channel show Austin and Ally, prompting the EP’s removal.

Despite the setback, R5 rebounded with the release of another EP, Loud, three years later, followed by their debut album, Louder.

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The album’s release marked a significant milestone, peaking at 24 on the Billboard 200 and setting the stage for their burgeoning success.

In July 2015, R5 unveiled their second album, Sometime Last Night, which surpassed their previous achievements by peaking at 6 on the US Billboard 200 and securing spots in the top 20 charts of five other countries.

Throughout their active years, R5 produced an impressive array of eleven singles, five EPs, and a documentary titled R5: All Day, All Night, solidifying their status as a formidable force in the music industry.

Ross Lynch

Born in December 1995, Ross Lynch, now 26, received his education at home, where he honed his musical talents, mastering the guitar and piano.

In 2011, Lynch rose to prominence as one of the main characters in the Disney Channel sitcom, Austin & Ally, which aired for four seasons until January 2016.

Two years later, Lynch showcased his vocal talents by voicing the character Piers in the animated film Snowtime!

Additionally, he ventured into theater, starring as Mark Anthony in a musical known as A Chorus Line, directed by Baayork Lee.


Additionally, Lynch made appearances in films such as Status Update, where he portrayed a teenager whose social media updates manifested as reality.

A multifaceted artist, Lynch’s love for music is evident as he plays multiple instruments, including the piano, drums, and guitar.

In 2012, he debuted with his single “A Billion Hits,” followed by “Heard It on the Radio.”

Moreover, he contributed several songs to the Austin & Ally series soundtrack.

Alongside his siblings, Lynch was a member of the family band R5 until 2018.

Following the band’s disbandment, Lynch embarked on a new musical journey, forming ‘the Driving Era’ with his brother Rocky, marking a fresh chapter in their musical careers.

Ryland Lynch

Born in 1997, Ryland Lynch, the youngest of the Lynch siblings, is currently 25 years old.

Although he was not an official member of the R5 band like his siblings, his passion for music led him to work in the industry as a DJ.

While he occasionally joined R5 on tour, Ryland primarily pursued his career behind the scenes.

Prior to his DJ endeavors, Ryland also dabbled in acting, appearing in commercials such as Kids Bop and television series like Nickelodeon’s show.

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