Si Robertson Siblings : A Family Saga Beyond Duck Dynasty

Meet Silas Robertson, or as many fondly know him, “Uncle Si,” from the popular A&E show Duck Dynasty.

It’s that funny family series with the Louisiana guys who love the outdoors.

Si isn’t the only famous Robertson in the bunch.

He’s part of a big family – six siblings in total.

They’re all into the family business called Duck Commander, a cool company that’s all about hunting and fishing.

Come along as we find out how the Robertson family became one of the most well-known outdoor brands in the whole of America.

An image of Si Robertson Siblings
Duck Dynasty stars Phil Robertson, Si Robertson, Jase Robertson, and Willie Robertson. | (Photo: Courtesy of A&E and Howard Books, an Imprint of Simon and Schuster).


Thomas Robertson

Little is known about Thomas Robertson’s personal and professional details.

He is presumed to be the eldest among Si Robertson’s siblings.

It is conjectured that his primary source of income is linked to his participation in the family enterprise, Duck Commander.

James Robertson

Individual referred to as James Robertson, offspring of Merritt and James Robertson.

Recognized as a committed enthusiast of the Boston Red Sox and an alumnus of LSU, possessing a degree in journalism.

Preceding higher education, James fulfilled service duties in the United States Air Force, subsequently embarking on a post-retirement trajectory into historical fiction writing.

Demise occurred at the age of 78, leaving behind spouse Connie Robertson, with whom a marital union of 28 years was sustained.

James Robertson and Connie had six sons.

Harold Robertson

Harold Robertson, Merritt, and James Robertson’s son shares an alma mater with his older brother James, both being LSU alumni.

Throughout his life, Harold has taken on diverse roles.

He served in the Air Force, worked as a Boy Scout district executive, coached, acted as an assistant principal, managed a plant, administered home health services, and engaged in politics.

After retiring, Harold continued to actively contribute to his community and delivered sermons at his local church.

People recognized him as a hardworking, down-to-earth individual devoted to his faith and dedicated to actively serving his country and local community.

Harold Robertson and Mary Chandler Robertson enjoyed a 46-year marriage.

They raised two daughters, Jeanna Robertson and Leslie Cobb.

Judith Robertson

We don’t know much about Judith Robertson’s personal and work details.

What we do know is that she has at least one son.

Judith Robertson was laid to rest at Mount Gilead Cemetery in Vivian, Louisiana.

 Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson, aged 76, is the son of Merritt and James Robertson.

He played as the starting quarterback for the Bulldogs during his time at Louisiana Tech University.

In high school, Phil excelled as an athlete, earning all-state honors in football, baseball, and track.

This achievement secured him a full scholarship to the university in the 1960s.

Graduating with a master’s degree in education, he pursued a career in education for several years.

While working as an educator, Phil ventured into commercial fishing and developed skills as an outdoorsman.

Unsatisfied with the existing “duck calls,” he took the initiative to create a device that could precisely mimic duck sounds.

Phil’s creativity and hands-on approach led to the founding of the Duck Commander Company in 1973.

Today, the company, currently overseen by his son Willie Robertson, boasts a valuation in the millions.

The Duck Dynasty reality show on A&E, controversial yet entertaining, significantly contributed to the company’s rapid growth and enduring popularity.

During Phil’s college football days, he served as the first-string quarterback, beating out Terry Bradshaw, who would later become the first overall pick in the 1970 NFL Draft.

 Si Robertson

Silas, affectionately known as “Si,” is the 74-year-old son of Merritt and James Robertson.

Fans quickly embraced Si on Duck Dynasty, and he continued to captivate audiences with his appearances on other successful shows like Buck Commander and The Duckmen of Louisiana.

He took charge as the host of the Duck Dynasty spin-off, Going Si-Ral.

Like his older brother Phil, Si attended Louisiana Tech University.

However, he left three-quarters into the school year to serve in the Vietnam War.

Having retired from the military in 1993 as a Sergeant First Class, Si now holds an exhibit at the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum in Louisiana.

Silas plays a pivotal role in the family business, specializing in crafting reeds for Duck Commander and ensuring top-notch craftsmanship.

However, Si’s talents extend beyond that. He broadened his repertoire by lending his voice and likeness to the beloved show VeggieTales in the Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas video.

Si Robertson has passionately advocated for better care for veterans since his son’s diagnosis with PTSD following eight tours in Iraq.

An image of Sir Robertson
It’s hard not to love Uncle Si Robertson, and he goes deep in this interview with Hook & Barrel.


Janice Robertson Dasher

Janice Robertson Dasher, the youngest of the Robertson siblings, was 68 years old!

Some say Janice played a crucial role in the Robertson family and laid the groundwork for the Duck Dynasty empire.

She came up with the idea to film their lives and looking back, it turned out to be their smartest business move.

Janice Robertson Dasher passed away after battling Alzheimer’s disease, her husband shared on the day she died.

She leaves behind her husband Gordon and their three kids – Melissa, Zach, and Grant.

An image of Si Robertson Siblings
Missy West Robertson / Facebook.


Frequently Asked Questions

In what way is Si connected to the Robertsons?

Si, whose full name is Silas Merritt Robertson, born on April 27, 1948, is the brother of Phil Robertson.

He is a Vietnam War veteran and serves as the uncle to the four sons of Phil and Miss Kay.

Si played a role at Duck Commander, contributing to the production of the reeds used in every duck call.

Si Robertson held the rank of Sergeant

First Class during his military service.

Drafted into the United States military to participate in the Vietnam War shortly after leaving Louisiana Tech University, he retired from the military in 1933.


The Robertson family, famed for Duck Dynasty, established Duck Commander in 1973, evolving into a lucrative hunting and fishing enterprise.

Phil’s creativity and Si’s military service shaped their success.


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