A Look At Simone Biles’ Tight-Knit Sibling Crew : Beyond The Beam

Simone Biles wows Olympic fans and athletes with her amazing gymnastics, But who are his siblings?

Her incredible moves make us wonder if the laws of physics still apply!

People call her the best gymnast of the decade.

Even her toughest rivals respect her.

She burst onto the scene in 2012, even though she was too young to compete.

Everyone could see her talent at just 14.

They knew she’d win lots of gold medals.

And she has! She’s winning medals, getting commercial deals, and earning other awards left and right.

Let’s dive into Simone’s life and career, and meet her four supportive siblings. 

An image of Simone biles Siblings

Ron Biles Jr.

We don’t know much about Ron Biles Jr.‘s personal and professional details.

Here’s something interesting: Simone calls Ron Jr. and Adam her brothers, even though they’re actually her former uncles.

This is why they’re on this list, even though they’re not typical brothers.

Ashley Biles-Thomas

We don’t know much about Ashley Biles-Thomas except for her past troubles.

Her sister Simone, the famous athlete, faces criticism online because of Ashley’s actions.

Ashley got arrested shortly before the Tokyo Olympics for breaking probation and driving drunk.

When Ashley, Tevin, Adria, and Simone were kids, they went into foster care.

Then, their grandparents adopted them in 2003.

Simone says her grandparents are the only real parents she’s ever had.

Fun Fact: Ashley lives in Columbus, Ohio, and is a mom to at least one daughter.

You can check out her Instagram too!

An image of Simone Biles Siblings


 Adam Biles

We don’t have any information about Adam Biles’ personal and professional life.

Interesting Tidbit:
Adam Biles is Nellie Biles and Ronald Biles’ son.

Tevin Biles-Thomas

Tevin caused a big fuss in the media because he was connected to a triple murder in August 2019 in Fort Stewart, Georgia.

On New Year’s Eve, there was a fight because some unwanted guests showed up, and it ended in gunfire.

During the trial, Tevin said he didn’t do it.

This whole thing made Simone very sad.

She shared her sadness for the three people who died on Twitter.

She said she couldn’t make their pain go away, but she wanted to say sorry to everyone who got hurt by what happened.

Did You Know?

Tevin’s murder trial got messed up because some papers were given to the jury by accident.

Eventually, in 2021, Tevin was found not guilty of all charges because the person who accused him didn’t describe the shooter correctly.

 Simone Biles

An infographic with 10 facts about Simone Biles, PHOTO CREDIT : Siblingdspedia.com.


Simone Biles has become the top gymnast.

Her journey to greatness was like Thanos controlling the infinity stones, but luckily, she’s much nicer.

She started training early, standing out among her peers.

She’s won seven Olympic medals, tying Shannon Miller‘s record.

Despite gymnastics careers being short, at 25, Simone has more competitions ahead and will likely become the most successful American gymnast. S

he’s already seen as one of the greatest athletes, like Michael Phelps and Michael Jordan.

She’s made gymnastics more popular among non-fans.

She holds many records, including most World medals and most World gold medals.

She received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Joe Biden.

She’s engaged to NFL player Jonathan Owens.

In 2018, a report exposed USA gymnastics covering up sexual abuse by team doctor Larry Nassar.

Simone Biles was one of the victims.

She spoke out on Twitter and testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2021, blaming the system for enabling the abuse.

Despite her struggles, Simone is on her way to becoming a legend.

Adria Biles

An image illustrating Simone Biles siblings
An infographic with 6 facts about Adria Biles, PHOTO CREDIT: Siblingspedia.com.


Adria Biles, at 23 years old, is the youngest among the Biles Siblings!

Adria and Simone share a strong bond, largely because Adria used to be a gymnast herself!

She started her gymnastics journey at nine and competed at the junior elite level.

She trained alongside her superstar sister until 2016, keeping up with her every step of the way.

In an interview with ESPN, Adria praised her sister as “fearless.”

She reminisced about their childhood, where they would often try daring stunts around the house, with Simone leading the way.

Despite Simone being a bit bossy, Adria considers her to be her closest friend.

Fun Fact:

During the Tokyo Olympics, Adria was quick to defend Simone when she decided to withdraw from the competition due to mental health concerns.

It was also the first time their family couldn’t attend a competition due to Covid restrictions on spectators.

Wrap -Up

Simone Biles’s journey to greatness in gymnastics is awe-inspiring, and her siblings play various roles in her life, from support to controversy.


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