Steele Sidebottom siblings:A Family Built on soccer

“Uncover the story of Steele Sidebottom siblings and their impact on Steele’s AFL journey. Join us for an intimate look at its family.
“Uncover the story of Steele Sidebottom siblings and their impact on Steele’s AFL journey. Join us for an intimate look at its family.

In the heart of Collingwood’s football prowess lies a family saga that transcends generations.

The Sidebottom name, synonymous with talent and triumph, conceals a rich history—one that stretches back almost  200 years and weaves together crime, redemption, and love.

Brace yourself for a tale that will leave you in awe and forever change how you view the Sidebottoms.

Trent Sidebottom

Trent Sidebottom, now  30 years old, grew up alongside his football-loving brothers.

The Sidebottom boys—Trent, Tyson, Josh, Ryan, and Steele—were a formidable team even before they stepped onto the professional field.

Their childhood backyard matches played on half a ground with a trampoline as makeshift goals, laid the foundation for their shared passion.

Tyson Sidebottom

Tyson Sidebottom, while not as widely recognized as his brother Steele in the realm of professional sports, has made his own contributions to the sporting world.

Tyson’s journey is marked by a strong connection to regional football and a passion for the game that runs deep in the Sidebottom family.

Josh Sidebottom

Josh Sidebottom, while not as publicly known in the sports world as his brother Steele.

He has made his mark in the field of engineering and archery.

Ryan Sidebottom

Ryan Jay Sidebottom (born 15 January 1978) is a former England international cricketer who played domestic cricket for Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

He retired in 2017, after taking more than 1,000 career wickets.


What impact has Steele Sidebottom’s success had on his family?

Steele Sidebottom’s success in AFL has undoubtedly brought pride to his family.

His achievements have highlighted the Sidebottom name in the realm of Australian sports.

Are there any other notable athletes in Steele Sidebottom’s family?

Aside from his brother Ryan, who plays cricket, there are no other publicly known athletes in Steele Sidebottom’s immediate family.

Has Steele Sidebottom played any other sports at a professional level?

While Steele Sidebottom is primarily known for his AFL career, there is no public record of him playing another sport at a professional level.

His brother Ryan, however, has made a name for himself in cricket.



The Sidebottom brothers’ story is more than just about football; it’s a testament to the power of family and teamwork.

Their shared passion for the game, their unwavering support for one another.

Their dedication to both sport and their chosen professions are an inspiration to aspiring athletes and families alike.

So, the next time you see Steele Sidebottom dominating the midfield, remember, he’s just one part of a remarkable footballing family!

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