SZA’s Siblings: Meet the Family of the R&B Star

SZA’s siblings have been integral to her life and, by extension, her remarkable journey as one of the standout R&B singers of her generation.

Chart-topping albums like Ctrl and SOS, collaborations with artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Drake, and her general acclaim in the music industry have solidified her status.

To comprehend the influences and background that have shaped her, let’s begin by delving into the dynamics of SZA’s relationship with her siblings.

SZA’s Bio Overview

Category Details
Full Name Solána Imani Rowe
Date of Birth November 8, 1989
Birthplace St. Louis, Missouri
Parents Audrey Rowe (Christian) and Abdul Mubarak-Rowe (Muslim)
Siblings Half-sister: Panya Jamila, Brother: Daniel (from father’s previous relationships)
Early Life Raised in the Islamic faith, early interest in music, gymnast, and cheerleader
Education Attended multiple colleges, dropped out of Delaware State University (marine biology)
Career Start Worked as a bartender, started making music in early 2010s, signed with Top Dawg Entertainment
Key Albums EPs: See.SZA.Run, S, Z (2014); Debut album Ctrl (2017); Second album SOS (2022)
Hits from Ctrl Love Galore,” “The Weekend,” “Broken Clocks
Hits from SOS Good Days,” “I Hate U,” “Nobody Gets Me,” “Snooze,” “Kill Bill,” “Slime You Out
Awards American Music Award, Guild of Music Supervisors Award, Billboard Women in Music awards
Contributions Co-written for Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, Rihanna; Soundtracks for Black Panther, Insecure

What are the names and birthdates of SZA’s siblings?

SZA’s two siblings actively contribute to the creative industry.

Panya Jamila, her older half-sister born on June 6, 1981, in Los Angeles, is a renowned fashion designer and stylist with a clientele including Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Zendaya.

Panya shares her work and personal life on Instagram, @panya_jamila.

SZA’s older brother, Daniel, known by his stage name Manhattan, was born on April 15, 1986, and grew up in New York City.

A rapper and graphic designer, he attended LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts but left to pursue his artistic career.

Daniel sells clothing lines and artworks on his online shop, Central Promises, and promotes his creations on Instagram, @manhattan212.

Both siblings played vital roles in SZA’s musical journey. Daniel introduced her to rap and featured her in his tracks, while Panya influenced her fashion sense.

SZA often expresses love and gratitude for her siblings on various occasions, showcasing them in her music videos like “Drew Barrymore” and “Broken Clocks.”

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SZA’s Brother Daniel: A multifaceted artist and designer

Daniel Pierre is the younger brother of SZA, and they have an older half-sister named Panya Jamila.

They grew up in a strict and conservative household, where their father was a Muslim and their mother was a Christian.

SZA was raised as a Muslim and continues to follow Islam.Daniel and SZA share a strong bond, and they both have a passion for art and music.

They influenced and nurtured each other’s musical inclinations since they were young. The first song that SZA ever made was a collaboration with Daniel, who was a rapper at the time.

He invited her to sing on a track called “Where Do We Go From Here“, which sparked her interest in pursuing music as a career.


An image illustration of Daniel Pierre
SZA’s brother Daniel Pierre

His musical career

Daniel’s stage name as a rapper was Manhattan. He attended the LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts, where he honed his skills in vector illustration and interior realization.

However, he left the school early and decided to focus on his music.He worked on several songs and projects, including a mixtape called “The Manhattan Project”.

He also collaborated with SZA on another song, where they sang Notorious BIG lyrics over MF Doom beats. He described his musical style as “a blend of hip-hop, jazz, and soul”.

However, Daniel eventually shifted his attention from music to design, and he stopped rapping. He said that he felt that music was not his true calling, and that he wanted to express himself in other ways.

Life beyond music

Daniel is a multifaceted artist and designer, who has launched several successful clothing lines and online shops.

He uses his Instagram page to showcase his work and promote his brand. He describes himself as a “Designer, Creative, interior realizer, vector impressionist. A Wave God. Also, I don’t believe in the future”.

He creates unique and innovative designs, using various techniques and tools.

Is open to commissions and collaborations, and he invites others to appreciate his artistic vision. He has a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation.

He also has a personal website, where he shares his portfolio and biography and says that his mission is to “create a world where art and design are one and the same”.

Spouse and children

Daniel is a private person, and he does not reveal much about his personal life. He has not confirmed if he is married or has any children.

He prefers to keep his loved ones away from the public eye, and he does not post any pictures or videos of them on his social media accounts.

Supportive of his sister’s career and life, he consistently commends her achievements and talents.

Attending her events and shows, they occasionally spend time together. Proud to be SZA’s brother, he views her as his best friend.

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SZA’s Sister Panya: A mysterious and supportive sibling

Panya Jamila is the oldest sister in the Rowe family, and the half-sister of SZA. She was born 11 years before SZA, in her father’s previous relationship.

She lived in California and would visit SZA in New Jersey. Panya’s identity has been a mystery, as she has not revealed herself to the public or the media.

She is inactive on social media, and prefers to keep her profile low-key.

An image illustration of Panya Jamila
SZA’s sister Panya Jamila
Source; Instagram

Her career

Limited information is accessible regarding Panya’s career or education. It is possible that she pursues a profession or runs a business unrelated to the entertainment industry.

Alternatively, she might choose to be a stay-at-home mom or homemaker. No specifics about her professional or personal life have been disclosed to fans or the press.

It’s conceivable that she prefers to steer clear of the spotlight and scrutiny associated with being related to a celebrity.

Panya’s connection to SZA

Despite the age gap and residing in different states, Panya and SZA maintain a strong bond that has influenced and nurtured their musical inclinations since childhood.

In their strict and conservative household, Panya played a pivotal role by introducing SZA to pop culture media that was initially off-limits.

Raised in a Muslim environment by their devoutly Islamic father, SZA’s upbringing added another layer of influence.

Actively supporting SZA in both her career and life, Panya consistently praises her achievements and talents.

Attending events and shows, and occasionally spending time together, Panya takes pride in being SZA’s sister, considering her the best friend.

SZA reciprocates the love and respect, acknowledging Panya for guidance and advice. Respecting her sister’s privacy and choices, SZA refrains from discussing anything about Panya without her consent.

Hobbies and interests

Panya likely cultivates a range of hobbies and interests that mirror her unique personality and passions.

It’s possible she finds joy and fulfillment in activities such as reading, writing, cooking, gardening, or traveling.

Like her sister, Panya might also have a creative side, using art, music, or fashion as outlets for self-expression. She may hold a cherished collection of books, movies, music, or art that reflects her taste and admiration.

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