Taylor Hendricks Brother: Tyler Hendricks’ Basketball Journey

In the world of the NBA, there are two twin brothers: Taylor Hendricks, a rising NBA star, and Tyler Hendricks, who is also making waves in the basketball scene.

The bond is unbearable; they share more than a sibling connection; they are best friends and teammates.

This article delves into Tyler’s journey to basketball stardom, exploring his high school and college career, his unique identity, and the unbreakable bond he shares with Taylor.

Taylor Hendricks Brother_ Tyler Hendricks' Basketball Journey
infographic: Taylor Hendricks’ Basketball Journey




Taylor Hendricks’ Early Life and High School Career

Born on November 22, 2003, in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Taylor Hendricks developed his basketball skills alongside his twin, Tyler, and older brother, Jamal.

They achieved high school success at NSU University School and Calvary Christian Academy, winning state championships. Taylor’s achievements led him to UCF, and Tyler followed suit.

Tyler Hendricks’ High School and College Career

Tyler Hendricks is practicing basketball (source: Instagram)
Tyler Hendricks is practicing basketball (Source: Instagram)


Tayler Hendricks’s brother, Tyler cuts a slightly different figure than his twin brother Taylor on the basketball court.

Though not identical at 6’7″, Tyler held his own as a crucial guard during their high school glory days.

His steady contributions on back-to-back state championship teams demonstrated Tyler’s skills, helping him earn a spot at UCF alongside Taylor.

After joining to redshirt his initial college season, Tyler now concentrates on academics while eyeing his much-anticipated debut for the Knights in 2023–24.

Taylor Hendricks’ College and NBA Career

Taylor Hendricks made an instant impression at UCF, leading the team in scoring and rebounding on his way to all-conference honors.

He also guided the Knights to the NIT quarterfinals before declaring for the 2023 NBA Draft after just one college season.

Taylor’s multifaceted abilities on the court and magnetic charisma off it cemented his status as a top prospect.

The Utah Jazz selected him ninth overall, making Hendricks the highest-drafted player ever from UCF.

He inked his first pro deal in 2023, embarking on his NBA career with one of the league’s top franchises.

An Unbreakable Bond Between Taylor Hendricks and His Brother

Taylor and Tyler Hendricks With Their Mom (Source_ Instagram)
Taylor and Tyler Hendricks With Their Mom (Source  Instagram)


Taylor and Tyler’s relationship transcends brotherhood; they are best friends and teammates in every sense.

Since the time they first picked up basketballs as kids, the Hendricks twins have supported, pushed, and inspired one another at every stage.

Though they pursue their dreams now, that bond endures through daily conversations, advice, and good-natured competition meant to fuel their individual growth.

And through all their respective accomplishments, Taylor and Tyler remain one another’s loudest cheerleaders.


Tyler is more than just Taylor’s twin; he’s an accomplished basketball player, a dedicated student, and a shining star in his regard.

While the brothers’ intertwined path symbolizes a shared quest for hardwood greatness, it also spotlights an unbreakable bond between two distinct individuals nurturing big dreams.

As Taylor turbocharges his NBA rise, Tyler works tirelessly at UCF, cementing his integral role in the Hendricks hoops heritage and cementing his promising future.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taylor Hendricks Brother

Who is Tyler Hendricks, and how is he related to Taylor Hendricks?

Tyler Hendricks is Taylor Hendricks’ twin brother, both making waves in basketball.

What is Tyler Hendricks’ basketball background?

Tyler played a crucial role in high school victories, now awaiting his UCF debut.

How does Tyler’s basketball journey differ from Taylor’s?

While sharing a bond, they have distinct playing styles and positions.

What are Tyler Hendricks’ physical attributes and position?

Standing at 6 feet 7 inches and weighing 200 pounds, Tyler plays as a guard.

When is Tyler Hendricks expected to make his college basketball debut?

Tyler is anticipated to debut for UCF in the 2023-24 season after redshirting.

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