Terry Rozier Siblings: Blood, Sweat, and Hoops

Terry Rozier’s journey in professional basketball isn’t just about his skills on the court. His siblings, B.J. Carter and Tre’Dasia Tucker have profoundly influenced him.

Despite tough times, like his dad being in jail, his siblings’ support has been crucial. They’ve helped shape Rozier’s life, both on and off the court.


Who are Terry Rozier siblings?

Terry Rozier has two siblings: a brother named B.J. Carter and a half-sister named Tre’Dasia Tucker. Tre’Dasia, who was born with cerebral palsy, has been a source of inspiration for Terry.

He frequently talks about her strength and encouragement, which have motivated him throughout his career.

Early on, the family faced challenges, particularly with their father’s incarceration, but Terry was mainly raised by his mother, Gina Tucker, and his grandmother, Amanda Tucker.

His strong bond with his siblings and the support from his family have had a significant impact on both his personal and professional lives.

Who is Terry Rozier?

Terry William Rozier III, born on March 17, 1994, nicknamed “Scary Terry,” plays as an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

He attended college with the Louisville Cardinals before the Boston Celtics chose him with the 16th overall pick in the 2015 NBA draft.

Initially, Rozier served as a reserve for four seasons with the Celtics before they traded him to the Charlotte Hornets in a sign-and-trade deal.

He then became a starter for the Hornets for four-and-a-half seasons before being traded to the Heat.

Parents and Ethnic Background

Terry Rozier’s parents are Terry Rozier Sr. and Gina Tucker. His father was incarcerated shortly after Terry was born and later on as well.

This meant that Terry grew up mainly with his mother and grandmother, Amanda Tucker.

His father’s absence and the difficulties it caused have been a big part of his life story, shaping his character and determination.

Terry Rozier is African-American. His journey from a tough childhood in Youngstown, Ohio, to becoming a successful NBA player shows his resilience and hard work.

His family, especially his mother and grandmother, played a crucial role in supporting him and helping him achieve his goals in professional basketball.

Career Highlights

Some career highlights of Terry Rozier include:

  1. Selection by the Boston Celtics: Rozier was chosen by the Boston Celtics with the 16th overall pick in the 2015 NBA draft.
  2. Rookie Season: During his rookie season, Rozier played in 39 regular season games for the Celtics, making his mark with notable performances.
  3. Playoff Performances: Rozier showcased his skills in the playoffs, including scoring 10 points in his first playoff game against the Atlanta Hawks.
  4. Career-High Scoring: Throughout his career, Rozier achieved several career-high scoring performances, including a 31-point game against the Atlanta Hawks.
  5. Triple-Double Achievement: Rozier achieved his first career triple-double in his first NBA start, becoming only the second player in NBA history to do so.
  6. Move to Charlotte Hornets: Rozier was traded to the Charlotte Hornets in 2019 as part of a sign-and-trade deal, where he continued to excel on the court.
  7. Contract Extension: In 2021, Rozier signed a four-year contract extension with the Charlotte Hornets worth $97 million.
  8. Trade to Miami Heat: Rozier was traded to the Miami Heat in January 2024, signaling a new chapter in his NBA career.

These highlights showcase Rozier’s talent, versatility, and contributions to the teams he has played for throughout his NBA journey.

Terry Rozier’s Net Worth

The American basketball point guard Terry Rozier has a net worth of $12 million. Various online resources, such as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg, estimate Terry Rozier’s net worth to be around $12 million.

He earns his money mainly through lucrative basketball contracts and endorsement deals.

For the 2023–24 NBA season, Rozier will receive a salary of approximately $23.2 million. According to Spotrac, his salary for the 2024–25 NBA season will be $24,924,126.

Terry is currently signed to a 4-year contract worth $96.2 million with the Charlotte Hornets, ensuring him a standard annual income of about $24,064,674.

Personal Life

Rozier gained social media attention for sharing his extraordinary sandwich recipe on NBA TV’s The Starters.

Additionally, he co-hosted the Mickstape podcast on the Barstool Sports network.

Currently, there is no available information about his dating history or relationship status. Based on our analysis, it appears that he is currently single.

The bond between Terry Rozier and his siblings

Terry Rozier shares a profound and inspirational bond with his siblings, B.J. Carter and Tre’Dasia Tucker. His connection with Tre’Dasia is particularly touching.

Despite being diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler and given a prognosis of not living past two months, Tre’Dasia has surpassed expectations.

Born premature, weighing only 2 pounds and 14 ounces, she spent months in the hospital before her diagnosis.

Terry often credits Tre’Dasia as his primary source of inspiration. Her strength and determination have motivated him greatly.

He admires her resilience and treasures the words of encouragement she offers. Terry has mentioned that Tre’Dasia regularly texts him with advice and support, which he deeply appreciates.

His brother, B.J. Carter, has also played a significant role in Terry’s life. B.J. followed Terry’s path by getting involved in basketball and took on household responsibilities while Terry pursued his NBA career.

This included caring for Tre’Dasia, especially during their father’s incarceration.

Terry is immensely grateful for B.J.’s maturity and responsibility, which he demonstrated from a young age.

The bond Terry shares with his siblings is marked by mutual support, admiration, and inspiration. It’s a relationship that undoubtedly contributes to his success both on and off the basketball court.

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