The Influence of Sam Taylor-Johnson Siblings in Her Creative Journey

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Have you seen “Fifty Shades of Grey“?

Ever wondered who directed the sequel?

A lot of negative reviews were poured on the heads of the main actors of this elegant erotic story, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

Unpleasant criticism was also directed at the director, Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Born on March 4, 1967, in London, England, this article explores Sam Taylor-Johnson’s siblings, their family bond, and their achievements.

5 facts about The Sam Taylor-Johnson Siblings

Who are Sam Taylor Johnson’s parents?

Before we delve into Sam Taylor Johnson‘s siblings, here is a brief background on Sam’s parents:

David Taylor (father)

The biological father of Sam Taylor remains a mystery, with limited information available.

He departed from the family when Sam, the future film director, was only 9 years old.

The majority of his life was dedicated to his career, initially as a chartered surveyor and later as the treasurer of the motor club “Hells Angels.”

Geraldine Wood (mother)

Date of birth: January 12, 1947

Sam’s mother, Geraldine Wood, a devoted practitioner of yoga, left Sam and her younger sister in the care of her husband (Sam’s stepdad) when Sam was just 15.

Despite rocky relationships, Sam, the film director, expresses a desire to support her mother, who now resides in Queensland, Australia, with her third husband, David De Welles.

Geraldine authored a memoir titled “The Journey To A Sacred Well: Grail Haven,” sharing her quest for a “holy grail” that led her to leave her family in Great Britain.

Currently, Geraldine and her husband produce Grail Haven water, which Sam credits with helping her overcome cancer.

Ashley Taylor-Wood (younger sister)

Birth Year: 1971

Ashley is Sam’s younger sister, and she is her only full sibling.

Sam’s sister Ashley is currently residing in Northern Italy with her husband and two children.

Unfortunately, her Instagram account is private, making it challenging to see her current appearance.

Kristian Taylor-Wood

Date of Birth: December 30, 1977

Note: Kristian Taylor’s half-brother is Sam-Taylor Johnson

Kristian Taylor came to this world when Sam’s mother got married to musician Peter Wood after her first husband, David Taylor, left the family to embark on a worldwide motorcycle journey with the Hells Angels.

From this union, Sam gained a close bond with her younger half-brother, Kristian Taylor-Wood

Kristian is happily married and is raising a family with his wife.

His son, Kit Indiana Taylor-Wood, was born in October 2019, and he also has an older daughter named Frankie.

Similar to his sister Sam, Kristian possesses an excellent sense of taste, contributing to his success as a prominent photographer.


siblinghood and family bond

For Sam, family will always come first.

Though each has a different career, they make sure to connect for special days like birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Sam’s greatest joy is hosting cozy gatherings and expressing love through her culinary creations.

Her siblings, who are aware of the difficulties she encounters in her creative pursuits, offer insightful advice and encouragement.

They celebrated Sam’s entry into Hollywood and stood by her during awards season.

The Sam Taylor-Johnson family’s unbreakable bond, strengthened after their father’s loss, serves as the foundation of Sam’s world.

She fears her foundation may crumble without their support, and despite having families of their own, they always make room for each other.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Taylor-Johnson Siblings

Who are Sam Taylor-Johnson’s siblings?

Sam Taylor-Johnson has two siblings:

  1. Ashley Taylor-Wood, her younger sister
  2. Kristian Taylor-Wood, her half-brother

What is the background of Sam Taylor-Johnson’s parents?

  1. David Taylor, left the family when she was 9.
  2. Geraldine Wood, a yoga enthusiast, left Sam and her sister with their stepfather when Sam was 15.

Can you provide information about Ashley Taylor-Wood, Sam’s sister?

Ashley Taylor-Wood is Sam’s younger sister, born in 1971.

She currently resides in Northern Italy with her husband and two children.

Who is Kristian Taylor-Wood, and how is he related to Sam?

Kristian Taylor-Wood is Sam’s half-brother, born on December 30, 1977.

He is the son of Sam’s mother and her second husband, musician Peter Wood.

How do siblinghood and family bonding play a role in Sam Taylor-Johnson’s life?

Siblinghood and family bonds are crucial to Sam.

Despite having diverse careers, the siblings make an effort to connect on special occasions.

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