The Madylin Sweeten Siblings : A Hollywood Journey of Family and Loss

Madylin Sweeten, who played Ally Barone in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” isn’t just a great actress.

She’s the oldest of four siblings, and they all navigate the challenges of Hollywood together.

Today, we’ll look into the lives of the Sweeten siblings, exploring their separate journeys and the close bond that connects them.

They are;

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An infographic with Madylin’s Siblings ranked from oldest to youngest.


Maysa Sweeten

Maysa, born in 1999, is the youngest sibling of Madylin.

Currently 23, she grew up with her step-father Jerry Gini, as her parents, Timothy Lynn Sweeten and Elizabeth Anne Millsap, divorced shortly after her birth.

Maysa has a good relationship with her stepdad, Jerry Gini.

On her 13th birthday, he shared a joyful picture of her on social media.

Despite having a net worth of around $200,000 and a Facebook account, Maysa is shy and avoids media attention.

Some sources suggest she may be pursuing an acting career, but details are yet to be confirmed.

A sad note in Maysa’s life is her brother Sawyer’s suicide when she was only 16.

In an interview with People, she expressed her pain, saying, “Although my memories of my brother hurt now, they are some of the best I’ve ever had and deserve to live on in my mind and the minds of my family forever.

There isn’t a single day I won’t miss him.

Madylin Sweeten

An infographic with 5 facts about Madylin Sweeten, PHOTO CREDIT:


Madylin’s parents, Timothy Lynn Sweeten and Elizabeth Anne Millsap welcomed her into the world.

Despite being born in Texas, she moved to California with her three siblings.

California became the perfect spot for auditions.

Within a year, she, along with her twin brothers, landed roles on the show Everybody Loves Raymond.

After the show concluded its nine-season run, Madylin faced uncertainty and turned to drinking, unsure of her career path.

Fortunately, she found solace in the theater, where she met her future husband, Sean Durrie.

They tied the knot in a low-key ceremony in 2018, surrounded by close friends and relatives.

Sean reignited Madylin’s passion for acting, leading her to participate in various plays, including The Columbine Project.

This play tells the tragic story of the Columbine High School shooting, where 13 lives were lost.

Fun fact: Madylin’s mom is a well-known actress on Larry King Now, and her dad is an entrepreneur.

Sawyer Sweeten

Madylin had a brother named Sawyer, who sadly passed away in 2015.

He gained fame for playing Geoffrey Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond.

Sawyer and his identical twin, Sullivan, lived together in Riverside, California.

Sawyer, along with his family, moved to California when he was just six months old.

He, along with his sister Madylin and brother Sullivan, auditioned for Everybody Loves Raymond, launching their acting careers at a young age.

Sawyer was only 16 months old when he appeared in his first episode.

After the show ended, Sawyer took on other roles, such as in the 2002 comedy film Frank McKlusky, C.I., and a single episode of the Even Stevens series as Milton.

Tragically, Sawyer took his own life just three weeks before turning 20, reportedly shooting himself in the head at a relative’s house in Texas.

Cast members, including Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton, expressed their condolences, remembering Sawyer as a wonderful and bright individual.

A notable detail is that at Sawyer’s funeral, attendees wore blue and green, his favorite colors.

Sullivan Sweeten

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Sullivan, born in Texas like his twin brother, later moved to California and began working on the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond.

After the series ended, he joined his brother Sawyer in the film Frank McKlusky, C.I.

Upon learning about his brother’s death, Sullivan took a break from the cameras.

Eventually, he returned to acting. Two years after his brother’s passing, he took a role in the movie Casting, a drama-comedy about Vera trying to produce a TV series.

Sullivan’s estimated net worth is around $2 million, mainly from Everybody Loves Raymond.

Recently, Sullivan has kept a low profile, appearing in only a few productions.

There’s no news about his love life, suggesting he’s currently single.

Fun fact: Sullivan’s full name is Sullivan Skye Sweeten.

Step-Siblings Of Madylin Sweeten

Madylin has four step-siblings from her mom’s second marriage.

Her mom, Elizabeth, didn’t have a good marriage with Tim Sweeten, and they separated after having their fourth child, Maysa.

Later on, Elizabeth started dating Jerry Gini and became pregnant.

After dating for a while, they got married in 2017.

Following the wedding, Elizabeth changed her name from Elizabeth Anne Millsap to Elizabeth Grace Gini.

Unfortunately, there’s not much info about Madylin’s step-sisters because their parents want to keep their identities private due to their young age.

However, we do know their names: Jaymeson, Elliette (born in 2011), Giuliana, and Emma (probably the oldest, born in 2007).

Wrap Up

The Sweeten siblings, known for their roles in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” have experienced both success and tragedy.

Maysa, the youngest, leads a private life but faces the pain of her brother Sawyer’s suicide.

After the show’s conclusion, Madylin found stability through marriage and a return to acting.

Sadly, Sawyer took his own life at 19, leaving Sullivan, the surviving twin, to maintain a low profile in the industry.

Madylin’s step-siblings from her mother’s second marriage remain private.

The Sweeten family’s journey intertwines professional achievements with personal heartbreak.


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