The Musical Family: Inside the Lives of Bob Marley’s Siblings

The Musical Family: Inside the Lives of Bob Marley’s Siblings

Bob Marley was born on February 6, 1945, in Nine Miles, St. Ann, Jamaica.

He was a Jamaican singer-songwriter who prospered in reggae music in the 1970s.

He is considered one of the founders of reggae music, and he was highly respected in Jamaica.

But are you aware that most of Bob Marley’s siblings are musicians?

Read this article to the end to learn more about the lives of Bob Marley’s siblings.

An image of Bob Marley's family
Bob Marley’s family (Source: Getty Images)

Early life of Bob Marley

Bob Marley was born Robert Nesta Marley in Jamaica to Norval Sinclair Marley and Cedella Malcolm.

His musical legacy extends far beyond Jamaica, making him a popular artist known worldwide.

Marley began his musical career with the group Teenagers, which later became The Wailers.

Their first album, “The Wailing Wailers,” featured the iconic track “One Love.”

Bob was married to Rita Marley, and together they were blessed with three children: Cedella, Ziggy, and Stephen.

They also had adopted daughters, Sharon and Stephanie, from other relationships, in addition to Bob’s other kids during his marriage to Rita.

In 1976, Marley survived an assassination attempt at his home, believed to be politically motivated.

He died on May 11, 1981, in Miami, Florida, U.S.

An image of Bob Marley
The Late Bob Marley (Source: Instagram)

Bob Marley’s siblings

Bob Marley was blessed to have four siblings, namely:

  • Anthony Booker
  • Constance Marley
  • Pearl Livingston
  • Richard Booker

These siblings, together with Bob Marley, contributed to the rich musical legacy of the Marley family.

Anthony Booker

Anthony Booker was Bob Marley’s half-brother.

Their mother, Cedella Booker, married Edward Booker, a civil servant from the United States, after Bob’s father passed away.

Anthony shared a connection with Bob through their mother.

Constance Marley

Constance was another half-sibling of Bob Marley.

Like Anthony, she was also related to Bob through their mother, Cedella Booker.

She faced many challenges due to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), a nerve disorder causing intense pain and swelling.

Despite the struggles, Constance Marley remains an important part of the Marley family.

Pearl Livingston

Pearl was born in 1964 in Wilmington, Delaware, United States.

She is a singer, like most of her half-brothers.

However, following the deaths of multiple family members and her battle with addiction, Bunny Wailer and Bob Marley’s half-sister have led a life out of public attention.

Richard Booker

Richard Booker is the last of Bob Marley’s half-siblings.

He was once involved in a lawsuit with Marley’s family.

The Marley family was accusing him of trademark infringement and unauthorized use of Marley’s image.

The two parties settled the matter out of court, preserving the legacy of the great musician and bringing peace to both sides.

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