The Mysterious Siblings of Paul Wesley: A Star Trek Actor’s Hidden Family Secrets

Paul Wesley, widely recognized for his portrayals of Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries and James T. Kirk in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, has three equally accomplished sisters.

This article provides insights into Paul Wesley’s siblings, encompassing their names, ages, careers, and personal lives.

Infographic: Siblings of Paul Wesley
Infographic: Siblings of Paul Wesley

Monika Emara

Monika Emara, born in 1979, holds the title of Paul Wesley’s eldest sister. Specializing in immigration law and human rights, she practices as a lawyer.

Monika, a dedicated mother of three, resides in New Jersey with her husband, Omar Emara.

Maintaining a close relationship with her brother Paul, she frequently shares family pictures, including him, on her Instagram account.

Monika not only supports Paul’s projects but is also an avid fan of his work.


Julia Wasilewski

Born in 1986, Julia Wasilewski is Paul Wesley’s younger sister. As a dedicated teacher in a New York City public school, she passionately imparts knowledge to her students.

Beyond teaching, Julia showcases her musical talents as a singer and songwriter, with multiple releases on Spotify and YouTube.

Her beautiful voice often finds collaboration with fellow musicians.

Julia takes pride in her brother Paul’s achievements, regularly attending his events and premieres.

Additionally, she is active on social media, and she shares insights into her music, teaching experiences, and travels.

Leah Wasilewski

Leah Wasilewski, born in 1990, is the youngest sister of Paul Wesley.

She is a nurse in a Los Angeles hospital, and she is passionate about fitness, engaging in regular workouts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Leah, possessing a remarkable physique, shares her fitness insights and routines on Instagram.

Her relationship with her brother Paul remains strong, and she makes frequent trips to California to see him.

Additionally, Leah is an avid viewer of her brother’s shows, regularly tuning in to watch them.


Paul Wesley, beyond being an accomplished actor, is a caring and supportive brother to his three sisters.

Their strong bond is complemented by the impressive achievements of each sibling in their respective fields.

Together, they form a joyful and close-knit family, characterized by mutual love and respect.

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