The Neville Siblings and Their Dynasty of Sporting Excellence

The Neville name echoes athletic excellence in England. Gary, Phil, and Tracey Neville have made their marks in sports from the Premier League to netball.

This article dives into their impressive careers, their personal achievements, their strong family connection, and the foundation that made them a sporting powerhouse.


Who are the Neville siblings?

  • Gary Neville (born 1970) achieved legendary status as a footballer. He played for Manchester United throughout his career, appearing in 602 matches and winning numerous trophies, including eight Premier League titles and two Champions League championships. Gary also led the England national team and later became a successful coach and football pundit.
  • Phil Neville (born 1977) followed his brother’s path into professional football. Unlike Gary, Phil played for multiple clubs, such as Everton, Manchester United (briefly alongside Gary), and Inter Miami. After retiring, he shifted into coaching and punditry, showcasing the tactical expertise he gained from his playing days.
  • Tracey Neville (born 1977, twin sister of Phil) made her mark in netball while her brothers excelled in football. As a dominant defender, she captained the England national netball team, leading them to a historic gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Currently, Tracey leads the Roses netball team, inspiring the next generation of players.

Family Origins and the Seeds of Sportsmanship

The Neville siblings’ success can be traced back to their upbringing in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Their parents, Yvonne and Neville Neville, instilled a strong work ethic and a competitive spirit in all their children.

Both parents were actively involved in their children’s sporting lives, encouraging them to participate in various activities.

While their father, Neville, was a successful cricket player, it was Yvonne’s passion for sports that truly influenced the children.

She actively coached their local netball team, providing a training ground where both Tracey and Phil’s love for the sport blossomed.

This early exposure to sports, coupled with parental support and encouragement, laid the foundation for the sporting prowess that would define the Neville siblings.

An unbreakable bond between the Neville siblings

The Neville siblings share a close bond. Despite pursuing different sports, they always support each other.

They credit each other for pushing them to excel and for fostering camaraderie and healthy competition, which fueled their successes.

Their strong bond goes beyond sports.

They engage in playful banter and publicly support each other, showing a deep family connection beyond their athletic feats.

Who is the richest of the three Nevilles?

Gary Neville likely holds the title of the wealthiest sibling. His net worth stands at around $25 million.

Phil Neville follows closely, with a net worth of $20 million. He is the younger brother of Gary Neville, a former Manchester United player, and the twin sister of Tracey Anne Neville, a retired English netball player.

Phil played for Manchester United from 1995 to 2005 and for Everton from 2005 to 2013. He also represented the English National Team from 1996 to 2007.

Tracey Neville, a renowned netballer, has a net worth estimated between $1 and $5 million.

Personal Lives

The public spotlight tends to focus on the Neville siblings’ professional lives, but there’s limited information available about their personal lives. Here’s what we do know:

Marriage and Children

Both Gary and Phil are married. Gary has two daughters with his wife Emma Neville (whom he divorced in 2021), and Phil has two children with his wife Julie Neville.

Tracey keeps her personal life private, so details about her marital status or children (if any) are unknown.

Social Media Presence

The siblings use social media to varying degrees. Gary Neville is quite active on Twitter (@GNev2), sharing his opinions on football and engaging with fans.

Phil Neville (@philipneville) also uses Twitter, but less frequently. Tracey Neville maintains a lower profile and doesn’t appear to have a public social media presence.


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