The Riveting And Fact-Based Story of Christian’s Dior Sister, Catherine Dior

Catherine Dior, Christian’s Dior sister, is getting her due recognition in Apple TV+’s The New Look. Maisie Williams takes on the role of Catherine in the new historical drama.

According to series creator Todd A. Kessler, Maisie’s portrayal of Catherine is remarkable, capturing her conviction and sensitivity.

A picture of Christian's Dior sister, Catherine Dior.
Catherine Dior | Photo courtesy: Vogue

Catherine was a French resistance fighter during World War II, risking her life for what she believed in. She also inspired her brother Christian’s creative work.

Want to know more about this World War II heroine? Keep reading to discover the story of Christian Dior’s sister, Catherine Dior.

Who was Catherine Dior?

Catherine, born on August 2, 1917, was the youngest of the five Dior siblings.

She shared a strong bond with her brother Christian, despite their twelve-year age gap.

A picture of Catherine Dior.
Catherine Dior | Photo courtesy: Parade

They both loved flowers, gardening, art, and music inherited from their mother.

Was Christian’s Dior sister, Catherine a French Resistance fighter?

Yes, Catherine Dior was indeed a French Resistance fighter during World War II.

She played a crucial role in the Cannes office, transporting reports and hiding incriminating material from the Gestapo during raids.

She worked closely with Gilbert Foury, a leader of the Resistance network, covering the Mediterranean zone.

A picture showing the Mediterranean basin which Christian's Dior's sister operated in.
Mediterranean region | Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

Catherine and her colleagues also provided vital intelligence for the Allied invasion of France, known as D-Day.

When was Catherine Dior arrested?

Catherine Dior was arrested in July 1944 in Paris by four armed men at the Place du Trocadéro.

She was taken to Rue de la Pompe where she was tortured.

During interrogation, she was questioned about her activities for the Resistance and the identity of her superiors.

She was subjected to physical violence including punching, kicking, and slapping.

Later, she was undressed, had her hands bound, and was submerged in water for about 45 minutes.

Describing her experience in a witness statement, Catherine said, via Miss Dior: A Story of Courage and Couture:

The book of 'A Story of Courage and Couture'.
Photo courtesy: Amazon

“When I arrived in the building, I was immediately subjected to an interrogation on my activities for the Resistance and also on the identity of the chiefs under whose orders I was working. This interrogation was accompanied by brutalities: punching, kicking, slapping, etc. When the interrogation proved unsatisfactory, I was taken to the bathroom. They undressed me, bound my hands and plunged me into the water, where I remained for about three-quarters of an hour.”


Catherine was taken to a prison in Fresnes before being brought back to Rue de la Pompe, where she endured more torture, including being submerged in icy water for hours.

Despite enduring severe assaults that made it hard for her to think clearly, she remained resilient during prolonged interrogations.

Catherine’s ability to withstand the questioning protected her fellow Resistance members and her brother from being arrested.

Her godson, Nicolas Crespelle, mentioned that Catherine couldn’t have children due to her experiences at Rue de la Pompe.

Did Christian Dior search for his sister?

In his autobiography, ‘Dior by Dior,’ the fashion designer revealed that he tirelessly attempted to locate his sister, Cathrine after she was deported in 1944.

Did Christian Dior name his perfume after his sister Catherine Dior?

Christian Dior named his first perfume, Miss Dior, after his sister Catherine.

Launched in 1947, it was a tribute to her love for flowers. Catherine, known as a ‘flower representative,’ delivered flowers in Paris and sent them worldwide.

Additionally, a design in Christian Dior’s Spring-Summer 1949 collection was dedicated to Catherine’s passion for flowers.

When did Catherine Dior die?

Catherine Dior died on June 17, 2008, when she was 90 years old.

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