The Story Of Shaka Smart Siblings: The Coach’s Family Life

Shaka Smart Siblings are Josh Tyree, Sekou Lumumba, Alfie Olson, Anika Aduesa Smart, Nkosi Mandela Smart and Ifoma Smart.


An image of Shaka Smart
Coach Shaka Smart/PHOTO: Instagram

Shaka Smart is well-known in college basketball.

He has an energetic coaching style, that has led Marquette University to victory.

Outside of the court, Shaka Smart is a family man.

Shaka Smart is one of seven siblings.

Let’s take a look at Shaka Smart’s siblings and their relationship.

Shaka’s Upbringing

Shaka Smart, born Shaka Dingani Smart, was raised in Madison, Wisconsin.

His unique name comes from the legendary Zulu king Shaka kaSenzangakhona.

While details about his siblings’ names are not widely available, public information confirms Shaka has six siblings.

Shaka faced challenges, such as his father’s departure in 1994.

However, he credits his family for his resilience and work ethic.

He has spoken about their close relationship and the significant role they played in his life.

Shaka Smart Siblings

Shared Passions, Different Paths

Shaka shared a passion for basketball with at least one of his siblings.

He has mentioned the documentary “Hoop Dreams” as a significant influence.

This is a film he watched often with his older brother, Josh Tyree.

However, their paths diverged.

Shaka pursued coaching, while Josh Tyree’s career path hasn’t been publicly disclosed.

The Importance of Family

Shaka Smart’s story is a testament to the power of family support.

Although details about his siblings remain somewhat private, it’s clear that their bond has played a vital role in shaping him into the successful coach he is today.

Despite his busy coaching schedule, Shaka Smart prioritizes his family.

He is married to Maya Payne Smart, an author and professor at Marquette University.

Together they have one child.

Shaka has also spoken about the importance of his siblings, highlighting their role in shaping him as a person.


Specifics regarding Shaka Smart’s siblings remain unknown.

However, it’s evident that his family has played an important role in his life.

They have shown continuous support and established ideals in the Smart family.

These have surely contributed to Shaka’s success as a coach and individual.


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