Tisha Campbell Siblings, Bio, Career, Personal Life and Net Worth

Tisha Campbell, the funny actress from “Martin” and “My Wife and Kids,” isn’t the only Campbell making waves.

Behind the star, you’ll find a robust network of brothers, sisters, and a recently discovered half-sibling, each with their own stories and contributions.

Let’s take a closer look at the lives of Tisha Campbell’s siblings and discover their special connections to the talented actress.

An image illustrating Tisha Campbell siblings
In a heartwarming 2019 episode of “The Real,” Tisha discovered she had a long-lost half-sister, Ellen Linsdey. [Photo: Entertainment Weekly/The Real]

Who Is Tisha Campbell?

Born on October 13, 1968, Tisha Michelle Campbell is more than just a talented actress.

She’s a singing sensation, a funny comedian, a versatile performer, and a powerhouse personality in the entertainment industry.

Let’s explore Tisha Campbell’s multi-faceted career and vibrant life, breaking down her achievements in various spheres.

Tisha Campbell Siblings

Tisha Campbell, the comedic powerhouse famous for “Martin” and “My Wife and Kids,” shines on screen, but she’s not on her own.

Her success story has a close-knit group of siblings providing unwavering support and love. Let’s meet Tisha’s siblings and explore their unique bonds with the talented actress.

Full Siblings

Tiara Campbell

Tisha’s younger sister, Tiara, followed in her footsteps, building a career in the entertainment industry as a producer and choreographer.

She notably worked on “My Wife and Kids” as an associate producer and choreographed dance routines for various artists.

While Tiara prefers to keep her personal life private, her professional collaboration and close bond with Tisha are evident.

Jermaine Campbell

Jermaine, the eldest of the Campbell siblings, chooses to stay out of the limelight.

Little is known about his age or career, but Tisha mentions him in interviews with warmth and appreciation, highlighting their familial connection.

Who are Tisha Campbell siblings?
Beyond their biological ties, Tisha Campbell’s siblings share a common thread – unwavering support and love for each other [Photo: The US Sun]

Toya Campbell

Another younger sister, Toya, plays a crucial behind-the-scenes role as Tisha’s manager.

She handles the actress’s professional life, ensuring smooth operations and supporting Tisha’s endeavors.

Toya’s dedication and expertise contribute significantly to Tisha’s continued success.


Ellen Linsdey

In a heartwarming discovery in 2019, Tisha found her long-lost half-sister, Ellen Linsdey.

Sharing the same father but having different mothers, the two instantly connected. Their emotional reunion on “The Real” showcased the power of family and unexpected ties.


Ellen and Tisha also have a half-brother named Duane, whom they met alongside Ellen.

While details about Duane remain scarce publicly, his inclusion strengthens the Campbell family tapestry and reflects their extended familial bonds.

Tisha Campbell Outside the Screens

Tisha extends her talents well beyond the small screen. She’s a gifted singer, releasing three studio albums and collaborating with renowned artists like Outkast and Kanye West.

In addition, she demonstrates her versatility as a host and judge. She leads the competition show “Sing Your Face Off” and graces the panel of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Campbell’s Business Empire

In her career, Tisha Campbell has built a successful and diverse filmography.

She played roles in musical comedies like “Little Shop of Horrors” and “The Nutty Professor,” displaying her comedic timing and musical prowess.

Additionally, she voiced characters in popular animated series such as “The Proud Family” and “Rugrats,” showcasing her adaptability and vocal talent.

Personal Life

Tisha Campbell
Tisha’s talents extend far beyond the small screen. She’s a gifted singer, having released three studio albums and collaborated with renowned artists like Outkast and Kanye West. [YouTube]

In 1996, Tisha’s personal life took another exciting turn when she married actor Duane Martin.

Their 27-year union, although ultimately ending in divorce in 2020, brought immense joy with the birth of their son, Ezekiel, in 2001.

Tisha and Duane remain committed to co-parenting their son with love and support.

Tisha Campbell Siblings and Kids

Campbell has one son, Ezekiel Czar Martin, born on September 8, 2009, from her marriage to actor Duane Martin.

Despite their divorce in 2020, both Tisha and Duane stay actively involved in Ezekiel’s life, providing him with love and support.

Co-Parenting with Duane: Even after their divorce, Tisha and Duane uphold a cordial and supportive co-parenting relationship.

They prioritize communication and compromise to ensure Ezekiel receives the love and stability he needs from both parents.

Tisha Campbell’s Net Worth

Tisha Campbell’s hard work and entrepreneurial spirit have earned her a substantial net worth, estimated to be around $15 million.

She has used her success to invest in various ventures, securing financial stability and creating a legacy for herself and her family.



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