Tony Hawk Siblings: Meet the Family of the Skateboarding Legend

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Who are Tony Hawk Siblings? Tony Hawk is more than a skateboarding icon. He’s also a family man with three amazing siblings. Learn more about them in this article/IMAGE CREDIT: INSTAGRAM

Tony Hawk is one of the most famous and influential skateboarders of all time.

He is known for his amazing feats on the board, such as landing the first 900-degree spin in 1999.

He is also a successful entrepreneur, video game developer, and philanthropist.

But who are the people behind the scenes who supported him throughout his career?

In this article, we will introduce you to Tony Hawk’s siblings, who are also accomplished in their fields.

Pat and Lenore Hawk: Tony’s Older Sisters

Tony Hawk was the youngest of four children born to Nancy and Frank Hawk in San Diego, California.

He has two older sisters, Pat and Lenore, who were both teachers.

Patricia Hawk is now the vice president of the Tony Hawk Foundation, a non-profit organization that builds skateparks in underprivileged areas.


Lenore Hawk Dale is the fan club director of Tony Hawk Inc., the company that manages Tony’s brand and business ventures.

She is the former director of bilingual education for a school district in Southern California

Both sisters have been very supportive of Tony’s skateboarding passion since he was a child.

Steve Hawk: Tony’s Older Brother and Mentor

Tony Hawk also has an older brother, Steve, who is a writer and editor.

Steve was the one who taught Tony how to skate when he was eight years old.

He also encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming a professional skateboarder.

Steve has worked as a journalist and editor for various magazines, such as Surfer, Sierra, and Outside.

He has also written for TV shows, such as Numb3rs and John from Cincinnati.

Steve is currently the secretary of the Tony Hawk Foundation and the executive editor of The Inertia, an online platform for surfers and adventurers.


Tony Hawk is a legend in the skateboarding world, but he is also a family man who loves and respects his siblings.

Pat, Lenore, and Steve Hawk have been with him through thick and thin, cheering him on and helping him with his projects.

They are not only Tony’s siblings but also his friends and partners.

Tony Hawk’s siblings are his biggest fans, and he is theirs.


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