Tracee Ellis Ross’ Siblings: Know All About Her Brothers and Sisters

Tracee Ellis Ross’ Siblings: Insights into the Family Beyond the Spotlight.!!!

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Evan Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross, Chudney Ross, Rhonda Ross Kendrick and Ross Naess.

Tracee Ellis Ross shares a deep bond with her four siblings, Rhonda, Chudney, Ross, and Evan, nurtured by their mother, music icon Diana Ross.

Diana instilled in her children the importance of supporting each other, prioritizing family amidst her illustrious career.

Tracee emphasizes the significance of being wanted and valued by her mother and siblings, highlighting the strong familial connection they share.

Diana’s dedication to her children’s well-being was evident, with her intention always being for them to thrive independently.

Tracee, born in 1972, joined her elder sister Rhonda, who was born theTracee Ellis Ross year prior, into the family.

Diana, married to music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein at the time, embraced Rhonda as her own child, despite Rhonda’s biological father being Motown legend Berry Gordy.

Tracee’s younger sister, Chudney, completed the family.

Following Diana’s divorce from Silberstein in 1977, she married Arne Naess Jr., with whom she had two sons, Ross and Evan, nearly a year apart.

Tracee became a big sister to them, while also embracing her role as an aunt to Naess’ three children from a previous relationship:

Katinka, Christoffer, and Leona.

Diana’s influence laid the foundation for a close-knit relationship among the siblings, evident in their shared holiday celebrations and ongoing support for each other.

Tracee cherishes her role as an aunt and the enduring bond she shares with her brothers and sisters.

Tracee has two sisters and two brothers

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While Tracee’s siblings all have Diana Ross as their mother, they have different fathers.

Tracee’s older sister, Rhonda, was born on August 14, 1971, during Diana’s relationship with Berry Gordy.

By the time Rhonda was born, Diana and Gordy had parted ways, and Diana married Robert Ellis Silberstein.

Despite Rhonda being Gordy’s biological daughter, Silberstein raised her as his own.

Diana and Silberstein had two children together — Tracee, born on October 29, 1972, and Chudney, born on November 4, 1975.

Following Diana’s separation from Silberstein in 1977, a decade passed before she remarried.

She wed Norwegian businessman Arne Naess in 1986, and they soon became parents.

Their son Ross was born on October 7, 1987, followed by Evan less than a year later on August 26, 1988.

Diana and Naess later divorced in 2000.

She also has three step-siblings from her mother’s previous marriage

Upon marrying Naess, Diana embraced her role as stepmother to his three children, Katinka, Christoffer, and Leona, from a prior relationship.

Despite Diana and Naess’ eventual divorce, Tracee maintains a close relationship with her step-siblings.

Leona Naess and Tracee Ellis Ross during Leona Naess' Record Release at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
Tracee Ellis Ross hugging her stepsister Leona Naess. PHOTO Courtesy | M. CAULFIELD/WIREIMAGE

In 2022, she commemorated National Sisters Day by sharing a TikTok featuring photos of Katinka, Leona, Rhonda, and Chudney, affectionately referring to them as her “first best friends.”

Rhonda found out about her biological father when she was almost 13

Although Silberstein raised Rhonda, Gordy is her biological father.

During her preteen years, Rhonda began questioning her family dynamics when she noticed physical differences between herself and Silberstein.

Until then, she had regarded Gordy merely as a “friend of the family” and her mother’s mentor.

“I started to ask my mother some questions about, ‘Why am I not growing?’ because Bob, who raised me, is 6 feet something, and Berry is 5’7,” she explained in an interview with Fuse TV.

“So, I was wondering why I wasn’t getting taller. I just had preteen questions about myself and my relationship to the world and that sort of thing.”

Eventually, Diana sat Rhonda down and disclosed the truth about her paternity.

Given Gordy’s longstanding presence in her life, Rhonda found relief in discovering her true parentage.

“I went to Barry, and we restarted a different kind of relationship, and it was wonderful because all of these things I knew about him, sort of, in the third person in some ways, he was able to talk to me about one to one.

We figured it out,” she shared. “We love each other, and we’ve always loved each other.”

Tracee and her siblings were raised in New York and Connecticut

While Rhonda, Tracee, and Chudney were born in Los Angeles, much of their upbringing took place in New York City.

Following Diana’s separation from Silberstein, she opted to move to the East Coast, and after finalizing the divorce, her children joined her there.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Diana shared in Secrets of a Sparrow that her children played a pivotal role in her decision to remain in New York.

She noted that her kids were thriving academically and socially in their new environment, which encouraged her to stay.

“I think it was due to the fact that they were feeling more secure and had more of me than they had had in California,” she wrote.

“That was important for them and for me, too. In truth, we all needed each other.”

Diana also believed that their cozy Manhattan apartment fostered a stronger familial bond.

“They always knew where I was, and they always knew that when they came home from school, I would be there for them,” she added.

Diana Ross, daughters Chudney Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross and Rhonda Ross circa 1976 in New York City.
Diana Ross with daughters Chudney Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross and Rhonda Ross circa 1976 in New York City. PHOTO Courtesy | PL GOULD/IMAGES/GETTY

After a brief stint in New York, Diana decided that the city was not an ideal place to raise her family.

She began exploring suburban areas and eventually found her ideal home on a small farm in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The family relocated once more, and this farm became the backdrop for raising her children.

Diana tried to give her children a normal upbringing

Despite her celebrity status, Diana prioritized giving her children a relatively ordinary upbringing.

Instead of relying on nannies to care for her five kids, Rhonda explains that her mother played an active role in their lives.

“She’d do a gig in Atlantic City and helicopter back and forth to be there in the mornings to get us off to school,” she told the New York Post in 2015.

“My grandmother was around till I was 13, so we had that support, but my mother didn’t work on Christmas, New Year’s, or any of our birthdays.”

Similarly, Tracee has shared comparable experiences from her childhood, emphasizing that her mother instilled in her and her siblings the value of hard work.

“My mom always joked: ‘I’m not leaving you guys any of this money. I made this money for me! I’ll make sure there’s a roof over your head. You can have health insurance and food. But other than that …’” Tracee revealed to The Guardian in 2020.

Tracee disclosed that during high school, she worked as a salesperson at Ralph Lauren. ”

There was a commitment on her part to a normalcy that I have taken into my adult life,” she added.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Tracee Ellis Ross

Q. Is Tracee Ellis Ross related to Diana Ross?

A. Yes, Tracee Ellis Ross is the daughter of legendary singer Diana Ross. She is one of Diana Ross’ five children.


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