Tyre Nichols Siblings : Honoring Tyre – Siblings’ Words In The Wake Of Loss

Discover the voices of Tyre Nichols siblings as they share heartfelt insights and perspectives in the wake of his tragic incident.

Explore their thoughts on the released body camera video, their gratitude for community support, and their reflections on Tyre’s life.

Gain a deeper understanding of this family’s journey through their candid comments and expressions of appreciation.

Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Black American, tragically lost his life following an arrest and charges of reckless driving.

On January 7th, 2023, Tyre Nichols encountered a confrontation with five Memphis police officers during his arrest.

Tyre Nichols siblings
Tyre Nichols: Photo(APC News)

Reports suggest a scuffle ensued as authorities approached him, leading to his attempt to flee.

He was eventually apprehended by pursuing officers, who arrested him.

Tyre was raised in Sacramento and attended the Twin Rivers Unified School District as a student.

Known for his passion for skateboarding, he frequently spent time at the skate park, as attested by friends and family.

His siblings, speaking publicly for the first time since the release of the body camera video depicting the police arrest and assault on their brother, shared their thoughts at the vigil.

Nichols complained of difficulty breathing and was subsequently transported to the hospital.

Tyre Nichols Siblings

He has two siblings namely Keyana Dixon and Jamal Dupree.

Who Is Keyana Dixon?

His elder sister, Keyana Dixon, is employed as a nutrition specialist in the Head Start Program and works as an assistant site coordinator for the Oakland Unified School District.

Keyana pursued studies in criminal justice at Heald College in 2011 and attended Encinal High School.

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Who is Jamal Dupree?

Residing in Sacramento, Jamal Dupree is a digital creator and serves as the CEO and co-owner of Kreative Team Entertainment, as indicated on his Facebook profile.

With previous experience at Elite Empire HustleGang, he shared his perspective in an interview with Fox 40, expressing, “You want my truth? … I hope they die.”

Discussing the arrests of the suspected cops, he acknowledged the charges but emphasized that it wasn’t sufficient.

Tyre Nichols Siblings
Tyre Nichols Brother Jamal Dupree : Photo(KCRA)

Dupree conveyed that true satisfaction for him and his family would only come with convictions.

He articulated, “It doesn’t really mean nothing at this time until they’re actually found guilty for the actual charges.

There’s a good chance they can walk free from this.”

He added a poignant note, stating, “My brother’s last words were screaming for my mom, and they didn’t care.”

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Tyre Nichols Siblings Eulogize Him

Keyana Dixon, the elder sister, expressed her gratitude, saying;

“He cherished this park, and I want to extend my thanks to all of you for continuously supporting our family and ensuring that his name is always remembered.

Thank you all for being here.”

Jamal Dupree, the elder brother, conveyed his appreciation, stating;

“I want to express my gratitude to all of you for being here.

A special thanks to his friends because I’ve learned so much about my brother through you.

I really value that because, even though my brother and I had some time apart, every day, I receive messages or texts about things he did or enjoyed.

I truly appreciate that, and I regularly share those memories with my family, including my mom and everyone.

Once again, to his friends, a big thank you.

My family is grateful for your support, and to all the city officials, the mayor, councilwoman, and everyone present supporting my brother, it means a lot.

I only discovered about two weeks ago that this park was my brother’s first choice, where he liked to come, skate, and have a good time, just as my sister mentioned.

He certainly took some falls here.

We appreciate all of you. Thank you.”


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