Tyson Fury Siblings: In The Ring and Beyond

Tyson Fury’s siblings: Beyond the ring, meet Tommy & Hugh Fury! Discover their unique paths, boxing careers, family life, and more.

This in-depth look reveals the lesser-known stories behind the “Gypsy King’s” siblings.

Tyson Fury Siblings

The Fury Of The Reining Champ

Tyson Luke Fury, known as the “Gypsy King” in the boxing world, defied the odds right from birth.

Born prematurely on August 12, 1988, in Manchester, England, weighing only 1 pound, he spent 39 days in intensive care.

But little Tyson, named after champion Mike Tyson, proved to be a fighter himself.

Humble Beginnings and Family Ties

Growing up in Manchester’s Wythenshawe area, Tyson belonged to a strong Irish Traveler community.

His parents, John and Amber Fury, instilled in him a deep sense of family and resilience.

Introduced to boxing by his father, a former bare-knuckle boxer, Tyson embraced the sport at just 10 years old.

Family and Personal Life

The youngest of four children, Tyson married his childhood sweetheart, Paris Fury, in 2008.

Family is central to his life, and they have six children together. Despite the tragic loss, Tyson’s journey is grounded in family values and love.

Tyson Fury Siblings

Early Boxing Career and Rise to Fame

Leaving school at 11 to focus on boxing, Tyson’s education came from life experiences and family values.

His natural talent and relentless work ethic propelled him through the amateur ranks, representing both Ireland and England.

Turning professional in 2008, he swiftly climbed the heavyweight ranks, earning the nickname “The Gypsy King.”

The Upsets and Triumphs

In 2015, Tyson reached a pinnacle by defeating Wladimir Klitschko, ending the Ukrainian’s decade-long reign.

Personal struggles led to relinquishing titles and a two-year hiatus.

However, a triumphant comeback in 2018, including a thrilling trilogy with Deontay Wilder, solidified his position as the lineal heavyweight champion.

Net Worth and Philanthropy

Tyson’s boxing success is reflected in his estimated $130 million net worth. Despite financial success, he remains grounded and generous.

Using his platform, Tyson supports various charities, focusing on mental health awareness and children’s welfare.

Closer Look At Tyson Fury Siblings

Tommy Fury

Tyson’s half-brother, Tommy Fury, is making waves in the boxing ring, following in his heavyweight champion sibling’s footsteps.

Born in 1999, Tommy, like Tyson, carries the fighting spirit in his veins, having trained alongside his brother since childhood.

His professional debut in 2018 marked the beginning of a promising career, showcasing his undefeated record and impressive skills.

Beyond the ring, Tommy has garnered further attention through his participation in reality TV shows like Love Island, where he met his partner Molly-Mae Hague.

The couple welcomed their first daughter, Bambi, in 2023, adding another layer to Tommy’s life outside of boxing.

Tyson Fury Siblings

Hugh Fury

While Hugh Fury hasn’t chosen the boxing path like his brothers, he shares their passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Often spotted cheering on Tyson at his matches, Hugh leads a more private life compared to his celebrity siblings.

Married to Tiffany Fury, Hugh enjoys spending time with family and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle, as documented on his social media.

Shane Fury

Meet 32-year-old Shane Fury, Tyson’s brother and John Fury’s son. Shane occasionally appears on “At Home With The Furys,” joining his brothers for some boxing training sessions.

He’s a strong supporter of his brothers’ boxing careers, never hesitating to defend Tyson’s skills against doubters.

After Tyson’s 2020 fight with Deontay Wilder, Shane shared his thoughts with iFL TV, saying, “In my opinion, he [Fury] is the best heavyweight ever made.

The size, stature of him, he shouldn’t be able to do what he can do but he’s a proper fighting man. He’s proved it tonight that he’s the best in the world.”

Roman Fury

Meet 26-year-old Roman Fury, another of Tyson’s brothers and John Fury’s son.

Originally set to become a rugby league player, Roman found his passion in boxing, training with Tyson and Tommy during lockdown.

Roman lives in Morecambe and trains with Tyson, but is cautious about rushing into the ring. “I don’t want to rush things.

I don’t want to box on big bills just because I carry the ‘Fury’ name,” he shared with VIP Boxing. Roman had his first professional fight in October last year, winning his debut against Ryan Hibbert.

Currently in a relationship with Farrah Bell, Roman shares cute pictures of them on his Instagram. He’s taking his time to learn and build his skills before diving into bigger boxing events.

Beyond Boxing: The Fury Family Bond

The Fury siblings, despite their pursuits, share a strong bond rooted in their upbringing and unwavering family support.

Tyson has openly credited his family for his success, particularly his wife Paris who has been his rock throughout his career.

The Fury family has faced challenges together, including the tragic loss of their sister Ramona in infancy.

This shared experience has further strengthened their connection and instilled a deep appreciation for life and family.

Quick Facts about Tyson Fury Siblings

  • Tommy Fury:
    • Professional boxer with an undefeated record.
    • Appeared on the reality TV show Love Island.
    • Partner of Molly-Mae Hague and father to Bambi.
  • Hugh Fury:
    • Leads a private life focused on fitness and family.
    • Married to Tiffany Fury.
    • Supportive presence at Tyson’s boxing matches.


While Tyson Fury may be the reigning heavyweight champion, his siblings, Tommy and Hugh, each carve their paths to success and fulfillment.

Tommy’s rising star in the boxing world continues to shine, while Hugh prioritizes a balanced life centered on family and well-being.

Together, the Fury siblings showcase the diversity and strength that lie within a family, proving that success can come in many forms beyond the boxing ring.

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