Unveil Jermajesty Jackson, the Vibrant Brother of Jaafar Jackson: Who is He?

Unveil Jermajesty Jackson, the Vibrant Brother of Jaafar Jackson
Jaafar Jackson’s brother, Jermajesty Jackson, and their father, Jermaine Jackson


The Jackson dynasty’s musical brilliance reverberates through generations.

As icons like the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson carved an indelible legacy, a new wave of Jackson emerged to honor that rich heritage.

The Jackson brothers, Jaafar‘s sons from Jermaine Jackson, are treading their paths.

These young talents aren’t merely coasting on family fame but infusing the Jackson brand with fresh energy and modern flair.

With profound respect for their roots and an unquenchable passion, the Jaafar brothers captivate audiences, embodying the enduring allure of the Jackson name.

Their journey bridges the family’s storied past with an exciting future, poised to pen a new chapter while paying homage to the greatness that inspired them.

Who is Jermajesty Jackson?

Infographic: Who is Jermajesty Jackson?
Infographic: who is Jermajesty Jackson?


Jermajesty Jackson, born in October 2000, is the younger sibling of Jaafar and the son of Jermaine and Alejandra. Additionally, he is the nephew of the legendary Michael Jackson.

Engaging in family-oriented projects, Jermajesty appeared in the reality show The Jacksons: Next Generation in 2015 and featured in the music video for his uncle Tito Jackson’s song “Love One Another” in 2014.

Apart from his contributions to his brother Jaafar’s tracks, Jermajesty, who is also a singer and songwriter, is actively pursuing his solo music career. He aspires to release his debut album soon.

What is the relationship between Jaafar and Jermajesty?

Jaafar and Jermajesty are brothers who love music. They grew up in a musical family and were inspired by their famous uncle Michael.

Throughout their respective journeys, they have provided unwavering support, learning valuable lessons from each other’s experiences.

Despite challenges, including their parents’ divorce and their father’s conversion to Islam, the brothers have triumphed over obstacles, maintaining a positive outlook and staying focused on their aspirations.

They regularly express thanks and love for their family and fans on social media.


Jaafar and Jermajesty Jackson, part of the next generation of the Jackson family, are continuing their uncle Michael’s legacy and building their music careers.

These talented and ambitious brothers, known for their charisma, bring a lot to the world.

They are not only humble, respectful, and loyal to their family and fans but also have the potential to become the next stars of the Jackson family.

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