Vin Diesel Siblings: What You Didn’t Know About the Diesel Family!

Vin diesel siblings

Meet Vin Diesel born Mark Sinclair, the famous actor known for his roles in action movies like “Fast & Furious,”

But guess what? He’s not the only talented one in the family! Vin Diesel has three siblings: Paul, Tim, and Samantha Vincent.

Paul Vincent, Vin Diesel’s twin brother, works with sound editing and sometimes teams up with Vin Diesel on projects.

Tim Vincent, Vin Diesel’s other brother, likes to keep a low profile.

Samantha Vincent, Vin Diesel’s younger half-sister, is a movie producer and has worked with her big brother.

This article spills the beans on Vin Diesel’s siblings, their connection with him, and the cool things they’ve done.

Get ready to learn more about the Vin Diesel family and their special bond!


Image of Vin Diesel with his siblings - Paul, Samantha, and Tim Vincent, showcasing the close bond and support within the Diesel family.
Family first! Vin Diesel with his amazing siblings, Paul, Samantha, and Tim Vincent. A bond that goes beyond the big screen. [PHOTO: Allstarbio]

Paul Vincent

Meet Paul Vincent, the twin brother of the famous actor Vin Diesel.

Despite sharing parents and a birthdate, they are not identical twins but fraternal twins.

Born in California, Paul didn’t get to know his father, and that relationship remains distant.

Like Vin Diesel, he was raised by Irving H. Vincent after their mother’s marriage to a movie producer.

Although details about Paul’s education are unclear, he seems to be sufficiently educated.

Unlike his brother, he keeps a low profile but has played a role in Vin Diesel’s journey.

As a sound engineer, he contributed to the making of the 1995 short movie “Multi-facial,” a project crucial for Vin Diesel’s early career.

While Vin Diesel took the spotlight, Paul Vincent, with a full head of black hair and a less muscular build, prefers a quieter life.

He keeps his personal life private, and it’s uncertain if he is married or has children.

However, he is an uncle to Vin Diesel’s three kids with his partner, Paloma Jimenez.

Despite their differences, the brothers share a close and supportive relationship.

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Samantha Vincent

Meet Samantha Vincent, the only sister of Vin Diesel.

She’s Vin’s half-sister because they share the same mom, Delora Vincent, but have different dads.

Born in the 1970s, the exact details of her birth are still a mystery.

Growing up in New York with her brothers, she likely went to high school and college there, although we don’t know the specifics.

Samantha is a talented movie producer, working on projects like the Chronicles of Riddick and Fast & Furious films with her big brother Vin Diesel.

Their time on set has strengthened their bond as siblings.

Outside the movie world, Samantha’s relationship with Vin is fantastic.

She’s a bit more private than her famous brother, and not much is known about her personal life.

She has a 10-year-old daughter, but whether she’s married or not remains a mystery due to her preference for a more private lifestyle.

Tim Vincent

Meet Tim Vincent, another half-brother of Vin Diesel.

Unlike his famous sibling, Tim keeps a low profile.

Born possibly in the 1970s, details about him are scarce, including his education, current job, or family.

Tim prefers a life away from the limelight, and not much is known about his personal life or relationships.

However, given Vin Diesel’s close bond with his siblings, it’s likely that Tim shares a warm and friendly relationship with the actor.

Despite the lack of spotlight, family ties remain strong.


Vin Diesel’s family is tight-knit and always has each other’s backs, especially in the entertainment world.

While Vin Diesel shines as an actor, his siblings are crucial in both his personal and professional life.


The Vin Diesel family is all about strong bonds and a shared love for movies.

They show their love through sweet messages and posts on social media, creating a close and supportive family network.

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