What Do You Call Your Grandparents Siblings?

What Do You Call Your Grandparents Siblings?

In familial terms, a great-uncle is the sibling or sibling-in-law of one of your grandparents.

While a great aunt is the respective sister or sister-in-law.

In the UK, “great uncle” and “great aunt” is prevalent.

This is exemplified by characters like Great Uncle Bulgaria from the Wombles series.

However, in the United States, some family historians prefer the terms “grand uncle” and “grand aunt.”

The rationale behind this preference is straightforward.

What Do You Call Your Grandparents Siblings
What Do You Call Your Grandparents Siblings

A “great uncle” is of the same generation as your grandfather (as they are brothers).

When considering further ancestral generations, confusion may arise, as the brother of your great-grandfather becomes your “great-great uncle,” suggesting an additional generation.

Similarly, the brother of your 4x great grandfather is termed your “5x great uncle.”

By adopting the terms “grand uncle” and “grand aunt,” clarity is enhanced for family historians.

For instance, your 4x great-grandfather’s sister becomes your “4x great-grand aunt,” simplifying ancestral relationships.

However, many individuals may have grown accustomed to referring to relatives as “great aunts” and “great uncles” from childhood, making it challenging to adjust terminology.

Ultimately, whether labeled as “great” or “grand,” these familial connections are significant and warrant celebration.

An Infographic on what do you call your grandparents siblings

What Do You Call Your Grandparents Siblings?

Families frequently grapple with the distinction between “grandaunt” and “great aunt.”

Technically, your grandmother’s sister (or sister-in-law) should be referred to as your grandaunt.

However, “great aunt” is the more prevalent but inaccurate term.

Similarly, your grandmother’s brother is your granduncle, although “great uncle” is the more commonly used term.

In essence, your grandaunt is the aunt of your mother or father, just as your grandparent is the parent of your mother or father.

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What Do You Call Your Grandparents Siblings? Grandaunt or Great Aunt

The term “grand” is most fitting when referring to the siblings of your grandparents, as your grandparent and grandaunt are of the same generational level.

Conversely, the term “great” is more appropriately used for the next older generation; for instance, your great-grandmother’s sister would be your great grandaunt.

Grandaunts are integral parts of your extended family, separated from you by two generations: your parent and then yourself.

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What About a Great Great Aunt?

In truth, there is no such designation as a great great aunt.

The correct term is great great grandaunt — referring to your great great grandmother’s sister.

What Should My Children Call My Grandmother’s Sister?

From a technical standpoint, your grandmother’s sister is your child’s great grandaunt.

However, families often opt for simplicity when addressing elderly relatives.

For instance, the great-grandchildren might refer to your grandmother as “Grandma,” despite her being their great grandmother.

It may be more convenient for both you and your children to simply refer to her as “Aunt Mary” rather than the more formal “great grandaunt.”

As children grow older, encourage them to visualize their family connections by creating a family tree.

Understanding their place within generations of family history helps them feel connected and supported by their extended family.

Embrace those grandaunts — both you and your children are fortunate to have them as part of your family!

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