What happened to Aretha Franklin siblings? The Musical and Spiritual Legacy of the Franklin Family

Aretha Franklin Siblings Made Music Too, Not Just the Queen of Soul

Aretha Franklin was the amazing “Queen of Soul.

But she was not the only good musician in her family.

Aretha Franklin’s Siblings, Erma, Carolyn, Cecil, Vaughn Franklin and Carl Ellan Kelley also had great voices and made a lot of music.

Let’s learn more about Aretha’s brothers and sisters, and how they made music and helped Aretha.

Erma and Carolyn Franklin

An image of Aretha Franklin's Sisters
An image of Aretha Franklin’s Sisters/PHOTO: Files

They were Aretha’s two sisters.

Erma and Carolyn sang with her when they were kids.

They sang together at their dad’s church, New Bethel Baptist, where they learned to sing better.

Erma made her music in soul style and had a popular song called “Piece of My Heart” in 1967.

Carolyn did not make her music, but sang with Aretha, like in the famous song “Respect.”

Cecil Franklin

Cecil, Aretha’s older brother, did not sing, but he helped Aretha a lot.

After she left her husband, he became her manager and helped her with her problems and her music.

He always supported her and made her a stronger musician.

An image of Cecil Franklin
An image of Cecil Franklin/PHOTO: Facebook

Vaughn Franklin and Carl Ellan Kelley

Vaughn and Carl Ellan were Aretha’s half-brothers from her dad’s other family.

We don’t know much about their music, but they probably had the same musical talent as their family.

Vaughn worked on making music, and Carl Ellan sang very well, showing that the Franklin family loved music.

Music in the Family and Their Gift to the World

Aretha grew up with a lot of music in her family, and that made her a better musician.

She saw her brothers and sisters do what they loved, and that made her want to do the same.

They all made different music, but they all added to the Franklin family’s music gift to the world.


Aretha Franklin’s brothers and sisters were also good musicians, but not many people knew that.

Their stories tell us that music can be in a family, and they all deserve to be praised by the Queen of Soul.

They all made music or helped Aretha make music, and they all changed music and made people happy.


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