What Happened to Beth Thomas’ Brother? The Tragic Story of Jonathan Thomas

What Happened to Beth Thomas’ Brother?

An image of Beth Thomas and her brother Jonathan Brother
An image of Beth Thomas and her brother Jonathan Brother/PHOTO: Files

Beth Thomas is a name that many people associate with the shocking documentary Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse, which aired in 1990.

The documentary revealed how a six-year-old Beth, who suffered from severe reactive attachment disorder (RAD) due to childhood abuse, had violent and homicidal tendencies towards her adoptive parents and her younger brother, Jonathan.

But what happened to Beth Thomas’ brother after the documentary? Where is he now? And how did he cope with the trauma he endured?

Let’s dive right in and find out!

Who is Jonathan Thomas?

Jonathan Thomas is the biological brother of Beth Thomas, who was born a month before their mother died.

Their father sexually and physically abused both of them until they were rescued by social services when Beth was 19 months old and Jonathan was 10 months old.

They were adopted by Tim and Julie Tennent, a loving couple who wanted to give them a better life.

However, they soon discovered that Beth had serious behavioural problems that stemmed from her RAD.

She would self-harm, kill animals, and try to kill her brother and her parents.

She even confessed to sexually abusing Jonathan in the documentary.

How did Jonathan Thomas survive?

Jonathan Thomas was lucky to survive the multiple attempts on his life by his sister.

He was removed from the Tennent household after Beth’s behaviour became uncontrollable and was placed with another adoptive family, the Thomases.

They provided him with a safe and stable environment where he could heal from his past.

He also received therapy and counselling to help him overcome his emotional scars.

Jonathan went to school and furthered his education.

He maintained a close relationship with his sister, who also underwent intensive therapy and recovered from her RAD.

Where is Jonathan Thomas now?

Jonathan Thomas has chosen to lead a private life away from the media’s eye.

He does not have a public social media presence and has not given any interviews or updates about his current situation.

He is reportedly still alive and well, but his exact whereabouts, occupation, marital status, and children are unknown.

Jonathan prefers to keep his details confidential and does not want to be associated with the Child of Rage documentary.

He has forgiven his sister for what she did to him and supports her in her career as a nurse and an author.


Jonathan Thomas is the brother of Beth Thomas, the infamous Child of Rage.

He suffered from horrific abuse at the hands of his father and his sister, but he managed to survive and thrive.

He found a loving adoptive family, received therapy, and pursued his education.

Jonathan is now living a normal and peaceful life, away from the public spotlight.

He is one of the many survivors of child abuse who have shown remarkable resilience and courage.

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