What Happened to Pablo Escobar’s siblings? Robert Escobar

What happened to Pablo Escobar‘s siblings?

Roberto Escobar was detained, as far as it matters for him in the tasks of the Medellín Cartel. He got away with his sibling in July 1992, yet he gave up to specialists one year after the fact.

In 1993, while still in jail, a letter bomb dazed him in one eye. Following 10 years in jail, he was released in 2006.

In 2016, he sent a letter to Netflix regarding the Narcos television series, requesting $1 billion in installments for unapproved utilization of content.

On Netflix, he was addressed as the person Gustavo de Jesús—Pablo’s cousin—to safeguard his name, since he played such a significant role in the cartel, and he is one of only a handful of exceptional that are as yet alive.

In 2019, Roberto sent off a telephone, the Escobar Overlap, valued at $349, guaranteeing that he would overcome Apple.

He likewise sent off Escobar Crease 2, which is purportedly a system overlay with ineffectively added Escobar marking.

Numerous clients, while requesting the telephones, said that they never got them, and guaranteed that tech powerhouses were the main ones to get the items.

Who are Pablo Escobars siblings?

An image of Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar. Photo: Imdb

Who was Pablo Escobar?

Pablo Escobar was a big boss in Colombia who controlled a powerful group called the Medellín cartel.

They did illegal stuff like selling drugs, and they were famous for being very violent, greedy, and corrupt.

He was born on December 1, 1949, in Rionegro, Colombia, and became powerful in the 1980s and early ’90s, making a lot of money from selling drugs all around the world.

Escobar did lots of bad things like smuggling drugs, making and selling lots of cocaine, and becoming super rich, with people estimating he had around $25 billion.

Even though he sometimes helped poor people, he was also really mean and would use violence or bribes to solve his problems, which led to the deaths of many people, including government workers and innocent people.

He lived a fancy life, with a huge place called Hacienda Nápoles, where he had his private zoo with exotic animals.

After giving himself up to the police in 1991 and escaping from jail in 1992, he was killed during a shootout with Colombian soldiers on December 2, 1993.

Roberto de Jesús Escobar

Roberto de Jesús Escobar Gaviria, also known as El Osito (“the little teddy bear”), is the brother of the deceased drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, and was the former accountant and co-founder of the Medellín Cartel.

This cartel was responsible for smuggling up to 80 percent of the cocaine into the United States.

He was born on January 13, 1947, to Abel de Jesús de Escobar and Hermilda Gaviria.

From a young age, he was passionate about cycling and achieved significant success in the sport, winning many races and even coaching the Colombian cycling team in international competitions.

His nickname “El Osito” originated during a cycling event in Medellín, where he got covered in mud, resembling a teddy bear, as described by a radio journalist.

After his cousin Gustavo Gaviria was imprisoned in 1991, Roberto took over his role in the Medellín Cartel’s operations. He escaped from prison with his brother in July 1992 but surrendered to authorities a year later.

While still in prison in December 1993, he was injured and lost an eye because of a letter bomb sent by a group called Los Pepes.

The bomb also caused partial deafness for the rest of his life.

After more than a decade in prison, he was released in 2006. In his 2009 book, “The Accountant’s Story,” Roberto Escobar shares his experiences as the head accountant of the cartel.

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