What happened to Young Thug’s sister Angela Grier?

What happened to Young Thug’s sister Angela Grier?

Young Thug’s older sister, Angela Grier, passed away in late March of 2023.

Atlanta-born rapper Young Thug is one of eleven siblings who were raised by their mother in Georgia.

Young Thug (C) and his sister Angela Grier (L) are two of eleven siblingsCredit: Getty Images
Young Thug (C) and his sister Angela Grier (L) are two of eleven siblingsCredit: Getty Images

Who was Young Thug’s sister Angela Grier?

Angela Grier, the older sister of the renowned rapper Young Thug, also known as Jeffrey Lamar Williams, passed away on March 25, 2023.

Young Thug’s sister, HiDoraah, was among the first to confirm Angela’s passing through several Instagram stories on her page, featuring photos of Angela.

Dolly White, another sibling of the rapper, also expressed her grief on Instagram by posting a picture of Angela accompanied by heartbreak and crying emojis.

Dolly wrote: “Yesterday I was making a move and got a phone call that another love has passed away. @_dollywhite and Big Duck I send my deepest sympathy and prayers.”

At this time, additional details of Angela’s personal life are unclear as she often preferred to stay out of the spotlight.

What was Angela Grier’s cause of death?

While Angela’s death has been confirmed by her siblings, no cause has been released.

She is survived by three children, Quendarious, Farderren, and Aniya Grier, as well as her siblings and several nieces and nephews.

Where is Young Thug now?

In May 2022, Young Thug, along with 27 other suspects, was arrested and indicted on RICO charges.

Among the 28 suspects were rapper Gunna and Young Thug’s brother Unfoonk.

In December 2022, Gunna pleaded guilty and accepted an Alford plea, admitting guilt to one charge while maintaining innocence for others.

Initially sentenced to five years in prison, Gunna’s punishment was reduced to 500 hours of community service.

Similarly, Unfoonk also pleaded guilty. His original sentence of 12 years in prison was reduced to 10 years of probation, with credit for time served.

Despite the release of many suspects, Young Thug remains in prison after a judge denied him bond due to concerns about potential danger to the community.

His trial commenced in January 2023 and is anticipated to last between six to nine months, as reported by the Associated Press.

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