Who Are Camila Mendes Siblings? Here’s Her Fascinating Family Story

Camila Mendes Siblings

An image of Camila Mendes
An image of Camila Mendes/PHOTO COURTESY: Facebook

Camila Mendes is a talented actress known for her role as Veronica Lodge in the TV series “Riverdale.”

She’s famous for her captivating presence on screen and her support for important causes like body positivity and mental health awareness.

However, there is one question many can’t help but ask: Who Are Camila Mendes’ Siblings?

Camila Mendes has only one sibling, her sister Kiara Moreno.

Who Is Kiara Moreno?

Kiara Moreno is a talented recording and mixing engineer who works with various music genres.

She’s Brazilian American and lives in Miami and Los Angeles.

Kiara has collaborated with many famous artists like Pharrell Williams, Frank Ocean, and H.E.R.

She learned her craft from the Award-Winning Producer Jimmy Douglass and has worked on projects for Justin Timberlake and major motion pictures.

An image of Camila Mendes and her older sister, Kiara Moreno
An image of Camila Mendes and her older sister, Kiara Moreno/PHOTO: Instagram

She is Camila Mendes’ older sister.

Camila is a well-known actress, famous for her roles on screen.

Even though they’re in different fields, they spent a lot of time together growing up, which helped them both appreciate the arts.

While Camila shines on screen, Kiara’s work behind the scenes is just as crucial.

They both show how strong family support can help in pursuing their passions successfully.

Is Shawn Mendes Camila Mendes’s sister?

Contrary to the popular misconception that Camila Mendes and Shawn Mendes are related, they are not siblings.

They just happen to share the same last name.


While the spotlight shines on Camila Mendes, family plays a big part in her life.

This article explored the influence of her siblings, particularly her older sister Kiara.

Kiara Moreno is equally successful in her career as Audio Engineer.

Whether it’s the bond they share or the support system they provide, siblings can be a constant source of strength.


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