Who are Jack Grealish’s Siblings? 

Who are Jack Grealish’s siblings?

Jack Grealish is one of the most talented and popular footballers in England.

He plays as a winger or attacking midfielder for Manchester City and the England national team.

But who are the people behind his success and happiness?

In this article, I will help you explore the lives of Jack Grealish’s siblings and their strong family bond.

Jack Grealish’s siblings

Jack Grealish has four siblings, namely: Kiera Grealish, Hollie Grealish, Kevan Grealish, and the late Keelan Daniel Grealish.

Kiera Grealish

An image of Jack Grealish with his sisters, Holly and Kiera
Jack Grealish with his sisters Holly and Kiera (Source: Instagram)

Kiera Grealish is Jack’s older sister and his biggest fan.

She often posts pictures and videos of her brother on social media, showing her support and admiration.

Kiera also shares glimpses of her own life, such as her pregnancy announcement in 2020.

She gave birth to a baby boy named Alfie in January 2021, making Jack an uncle for the first time.

Kiera and Jack have a close relationship and enjoy spending time together.

Hollie Grealish

An image of Grealish and his sister, Holly
Grealish and Holly on the day he signed for Man City (source: Facebook)

Hollie Grealish is Jack’s younger sister and his inspiration.

She was born with cerebral palsy, a condition that affects movement and coordination.

She has undergone several surgeries and treatments to improve her quality of life.

Despite the challenges, she remains cheerful.

Jack has a special bond with Hollie and often visits her at home or the hospital.

He also wears a pair of shin pads with her name on them during every match, as a way of honoring her.

Kevan Grealish

Kevan Grealish is Jack’s older brother and an entrepreneur.

He was born in 1994 in Birmingham City, England, United Kingdom.

He has been defending his brother from the media, who have been criticizing him for some controversial issues.

Kevan is also a proud supporter of Jack’s football career and often attends his matches.

Keelan Daniel Grealish

Keelan Grealish was Jack’s older brother and his role model.

He passed away in the year 2000 when he was only nine months old.

He died of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), a rare and unexplained cause of death in babies.

Jack was only four years old at the time, but he still remembers his brother and pays tribute to him.

He has a tattoo of Kevan’s name and date of birth on his chest.

He also wears the number 10 shirt, which was Kevan’s favorite number.

Jack Grealish’s family bonds

An image of Jack Grealish's family
Grealish’s family (Source: Instagram)

Jack Grealish has a close and loving relationship with his siblings and his parents, Kevan and Karen.

They have supported him throughout his career and personal life.

They have also faced some difficulties and tragedies together, such as Keelan’s death and Jack’s car crash in 2020.

But they have always stood by each other and overcome obstacles.

Jack credits his family for his success and happiness.

He once said, “They’re the reason I play football. They’re the reason I’m the person I am today.”


Jack Grealish is more than just a football star.

He is also a brother, a son, and an uncle.

He has four siblings: Kiera, Hollie, Kevan, and Keelan.

Each of them has a unique story and a special place in his heart.

Jack loves his family and values their bond.

He shows his appreciation and respect for them in various ways, such as wearing shin pads with Hollie’s name, having a tattoo of Keelan’s name, and spending time with Kiera and her son.

Jack Grealish’s siblings are his motivation and his joy.

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