Who Are Marcus Rashford’s Siblings & Parents? The Team Behind the Star

Born on October 31, 1997, in Manchester, England, Marcus Rashford, the English football sensation, grew up in Wythenshawe and joined the Manchester United youth academy at a young age.

Hailing from a working-class family with six siblings, most of whom share his passion for football, Rashford is a prominent player at Manchester United.

Rashford is known for his exceptional dribbling, pace, and long-range shooting, he is among the highest-paid athletes at the club.

In addition to his on-field prowess, Rashford is a well-known advocate against homelessness, racism, and child hunger in the UK.

Beyond sports, he actively uses his platform for social change, earning accolades and recognition from various organizations.

Street artist Akse even dedicated a mural in Withington to honor Rashford’s impactful contributions as a political activist and philanthropist.

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Who Are Marcus Rashford’s Siblings & Parents?
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Quick Facts About Marcus Rashford Siblings

Name Marcus Rashford
Age 26
Profession Footballer
Brother Dwaine & Dane Rashford
Sister Claire, Tamala &Chantelle Rashford
Parent Melanie Maynard


Marcus Rashford Brothers: Dwaine And Dane Rashford

Marcus Rashford grew up alongside his two brothers, Dwaine and Dane Rashford, who share a passion for football.

Dane serves as Marcus’s dedicated supervisor, overseeing all aspects of the player’s affairs.

Together with Dwaine Maynard, he co-founded a firm that holds complete control over Marcus Rashford’s football-related matters.

Dwaine, on the other hand, holds the position of managing director at Dnmay Sports Management.

Their shared ambition is to establish their organization as the premier sports management entity in Europe, built on the principles of hard work, commitment, and a constant pursuit of improvement.

In a noteworthy incident in March, Marcus Rashford’s brother and his Liverpool counterpart, Trent Alexander-Arnold, became victims of an armed robbery, resulting in minor injuries and hospitalization.

The thieves made off with Rashford’s watch, Alexander-Arnold’s wallet, and other valuable items belonging to three additional individuals present at the scene.

They also seized Alexander’s Range Rover, using it as their getaway vehicle.

Dwaine, Marcus’s brother, is a father to a daughter named Mary Maynard, and he often shares pictures of her on social media.

Additionally, Dwaine gains visibility on social media during transfer market periods, as he also serves as Rashford’s agent.

Marcus Rashford Sisters: Claire Chantelle And Tamara Rashford

Claire, Chantelle, and Tamara Rashford, who are Marcus Rashford’s sisters, were all born in the United Kingdom.

Notably, Tamara is Marcus’s stepsister.

Among the three sisters, Tamara is the most well-known.

While Marcus’s sisters are generally not very active on social media, Tamara does have a presence on Instagram; however, her account is private.

Tamara achieved academic success by graduating from the University of Salford with a first-class degree in international event management, establishing herself as the top performer in her field.

Tamara gained recognition as one of the 55 finalists in the Miss England competition, having been selected from a pool of 20,000 registered contestants.

Her exceptional beauty was evident, and she went on to win the East Midlands Semi-Finals, earning her a spot in the finals of the beauty contest, though she did not ultimately secure the title.

Marcus Rashford’s Parents



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Robert and Melanie Rashford are the parents of Marcus Rashford.

His close bond with Melanie stems from her significant efforts during the challenges faced by Marcus and his siblings in their youth.

Marcus has shared how his mother played a crucial role in advancing his career, advocating for his enrollment in Manchester United’s academy at the age of 12.

Additionally, Rashford has disclosed that his mother, Melanie, would diligently manage their food supplies, visiting Pound World weekly to ration provisions over the course of seven days.

As Rashford’s father was not present in raising the children, Melanie served as a single parent, often working multiple jobs to provide for the family.

She even sacrificed her own meals to ensure that Rashford and his siblings had enough to eat.

Despite facing unimaginable challenges, Marcus’s mother, Melanie, has maintained a resilient spirit and a constant smile.

Juggling three jobs and overseeing a household with his brothers, sisters, and himself, Melanie still found the time to shower them with love and offer valuable guidance as Marcus grew up.


1- Who are the parents of Marcus Rashford?

Melanie Maynard and Robert Rashford are Marcus Rashford’s parents.

2- Who are the siblings of Marcus Rashford?

Marcus Rashford has brothers Dwaine Maynard and Dane Rashford, along with sisters Chantelle and Charlie.

3- Who is the girlfriend of Marcus Rashford?

Lucia Loi was Marcus Rashford’s girlfriend, but they are no longer together.

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