Who are Michelle Dee Siblings? How Their Relationship Has Shaped Her Career

Michelle Dee did not travel through life alone, even if she was successful as an actress and host in the Philippines.

She has two siblings, a brother and a sister, who have supported her throughout her professional highs and lows.

In this article, we will dive into Michelle Dee and her siblings and how they have impacted her acting career.

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Gabriel Dee (Born April 15, 1977)

Gabriel, Michelle’s older brother, is four years her junior.

Michelle and Gabriel have a very close relationship as siblings.

Gabriel has always taken care of his younger sister and encouraged her aspirations to succeed in the entertainment business.

He was one of Michelle’s closest supporters as she rose to stardom as an actress and TV personality.

Michelle’s confidence increased when he made sure to watch all of her shows and movies.

Additionally, when necessary, Gabriel has intervened to shield Michelle from unfavorable press coverage or gossip.

Garie Concepcion (Born November 22, 1986)

Michelle’s Garie is the youngest member of the family, five years Michelle’s junior.

From an early age, she was inspired by the skills and tenacity of her older sister.

Garie was ecstatic to see Michelle flourish as her popularity kept rising.

She made an effort to express her support in person by showing up to as many of Michelle’s tapings and events as she could.

Garie has talked about how Michelle bolstered her confidence that she could succeed as an actor and inspired her aspirations.

The Sibling Relationship

Michelle, Gabriel, and Garie have a unique relationship because of their unfailing support of each other’s goals and occupations.

They encourage, uplift, and act as pillars of support for one another.

According to Michelle, her siblings’ love and support gave her the willpower to withstand adversity.

Michelle’s two biggest fans are Gabriel and Garie.

The three siblings share a deep relationship despite being separated by several years in age, which is rooted in their close-knit family background.

Bot tries to make time for each other a lot, even with their busy schedules.

Michelle knows she wouldn’t be where she is now if it weren’t for her brother and sister’s love.


Facts about Michelle Dee

Fact Details
Full Name Michelle Dee Gumabao
Birthdate February 28, 1981
Birth Place Manila, Philippines
Parents Benjamin Gumabao and Mylene Dee
Siblings Gabriel Dee (older brother) and Garie Concepcion (younger sister)
Education I studied marketing at De La Salle University
Career Start Joined Viva Hot Babes dance group in 2000
TV Host Hosted shows like U Can Dance, Qpids, and Wansapanataym
Actress Appeared in films like Working Girls, Bakit Iingatan Ka Pa, and Hitman
Reality Shows I joined Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition in 2012
Product Endorser Brand ambassadors for products like Century Tuna
Awards FHM Sexiest Woman (2005), GMMSF Box Office Entertainment Award for Screenplay (2003)

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