Who are Paige Bueckers Siblings? Everything you Need to Know About Her Half Siblings

Who are Paige Bueckers siblings?

The American celebrity, Paige, has four siblings.

She has two half-siblings from her mother’s side, including a brother named Ryan and a sister named Lauren.

Paige also has another half-brother named Drew from her father’s side.

Additionally, she has a stepbrother named Randy from her stepmother Moe’s previous relationship.

Paige Madison Bueckers plays basketball for the UConn Huskies.

She’s known as “Paige Buckets.” She was a star player in high school and got lots of awards.

In her first year at UConn, she won big awards too.

Paige helped her team get far in a big college basketball tournament.

She had a knee injury in her second year but still played well.

In her third year, she got hurt again but came back strong the next season, leading her team to another big tournament.

She’s also won awards for playing basketball internationally for the United States.

An image of Paige Buekers
Paige Bueckers. Photo: Instagram.

Who is Paige Bueckers?

Paige Madison Bueckers is a basketball player from the United States.

She’s known as “Paige Buckets.” She played basketball in high school and got a lot of awards.

She was really good, even playing with older kids when she was younger.

Paige went to college at the University of Connecticut (UConn), where she played for the UConn Huskies.

In her first year at UConn, she was a star player right from the start. She played so well that people compared her to other famous players from the past.

She even helped her team beat the number one team in the country.

Before college, Paige played for Hopkins High School in Minnesota.

She was amazing there too, winning many awards.

She was so good that she got offers from big colleges when she was just 14 years old.

Eventually, she chose UConn because she thought the coach there would help her become an even better player.

Paige is not just good at basketball in the United States; she’s also played internationally for the US team and won gold medals.

She’s talented and has made a big impact on basketball, both in the US and around the world.

Who is Paige Buekers’ sister?

Paige Bueckers’ sister is named Lauren.

The point guard was born to Bob Bueckers and Amy Fuller in October 2001.
Her parents divorced when she was 3 years old, and both later remarried and had more children.
Paige has a brother, Drew, on her dad’s side, and a brother, Ryan, and a sister, Lauren, from her mom.

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