Who are Paul Kelly Talented Siblings? A Musical Journey


Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly


Paul Kelly, a famous Australian rock musician and songwriter, has made a lasting impact on the music world.

However, his success is also connected to his close family ties.

Let’s take a closer look at Paul Kelly’s brothers and sisters.

Paul Kelly Siblings

1. Anne Kelly

Anne, Paul’s eldest sister, chose a different route and became spiritual. She decided to become a nun and committed her life to devotion and service.

Anne, who was born in February 1947, has gifts outside of her faith.

She went on to become a hymn writer, adding lovely lyrics and melodies to the music industry.

Her works struck a chord with listeners, bridging the gap between art and religion.


2. Mary Jo Kelly

Paul’s younger sister, Mary Jo, discovered her interest in music, in contrast to Anne’s spiritual journey.

Mary Jo, a gifted pianist, was born in June 1959.

She creates emotionally stirring harmonies with her deft fingers as they glide across the keys.

Her partnership with Paul, nevertheless, goes beyond blood relations.

They collaborated on the song “South of Germany” for Paul Kelly Live at the Athenaeum in May 1992.

Through her musical journey, Mary Jo also encountered Latin bands, where her rhythms infused lively tunes with flair.

She fostered young talents and imparted the gift of music as a music teacher at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School.

3. Josephine, John, Tony, David, and Martin

In addition to Anne and Mary Jo, more siblings in Paul’s family constellation subtly further the family heritage.

Let us highlight each of them:

  • Josephine Kelly: Though her exact role is still unknown, her influence may be felt throughout the family’s recollections.
  • John Kelly: He may be a thinker, an artist, or a dreamer, but his gifts are hidden until they are ready to be revealed.
  • Tony Kelly: His chuckle is a constant source of delight and memories of times spent with family.
  • David Kelly: The calm observer’s observations strengthen bonds and add depth to discussions.
  • Martin Kelly: The family relies on Martin’s assistance to get them through the ups and downs of life.

A Balance Between Talent and Love

More than just a collection of names make up Paul Kelly’s family.

Their diverse talents, love, and friendship are all harmoniously represented by them.

Sincere depth has been added to Paul’s songs due to the shared memories and unwavering support that have greatly impacted his creative process.

John, Tony, David, Martin, Josephine, and Mary Jo’s subdued piano pieces are all evident in his tracks, along with elements of Anne’s pious hymns.

Their influence on Paul Kelly’s artistic endeavors is a prime example of the importance of familial ties in his life.

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