Who Are Sabrina Carpenter Siblings? Meet Sarah Carpenter, Shannon Carpenter, and Cayla Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter Siblings.

The American singer is the youngest of four siblings.

Born on May 11, 1999, to Elizabeth and David Carpenter, the youngest of four children, the singer known for her hit “Nonsense” is deeply rooted in a family with strong ties to the entertainment industry.

Carpenter’s older sisters also have careers in entertainment, each carving their paths.

Cayla, Carpenter’s half-sister, is a hairstylist, Shannon is a dancer and Sarah is a singer.

Throughout the years, Carpenter has cherished numerous heartfelt moments shared with her sisters on social media, ranging from family gatherings to supporting each other’s career milestones.

Indeed, some of them have occasionally worked alongside Carpenter.

Most recently, Cayla paid Carpenter a visit in Sydney, where she is performing as the opening act for Taylor Swift on the Australian leg of the Eras Tour.

Cayla shared on her Instagram Story about their trip to the Sydney Zoo with Carpenter, Swift, and Travis Kelce.

Here’s everything to know about Sabrina Carpenter’s siblings.

Sabrina Carpenter Siblings: An image of Sabrina Carpenter, Sarah Carpenter, Shannon Carpenter and Cayla Carpenter


Her Sisters Are Older Than Her

Carpenter, born in 1999, is the youngest among her siblings.

Cayla, the oldest was born in 1991, Shannon is the second oldest born in 1994, and Sarah, who precedes Carpenter by a few years, was born in 1996.

The sisters share a strong bond, frequently showcasing their closeness on social media.

During Carpenter’s birthday celebration in 2021, Cayla shared a heartwarming photo of them hugging, writing, “My biggest flex is that god really showed out for me in the sister department – I’m forever grateful & always so proud 💕.”

Cayla Carpenter

Cayla operates behind the scenes as a makeup artist and hairstylist.

She has notably assisted Carpenter with her looks on various occasions.

In April 2022, Cayla shared her expertise in doing Carpenter’s ’90s blowout, captured in a snapshot alongside Madison Beer.

Furthermore, in July 2021, she posted about giving her a ‘70s do.

Additionally, She even assisted Carpenter in styling her vibrant hot pink wig as she dressed up as Lavagirl from “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D” for Halloween, joining her then-boyfriend Joshua Bassett in the costume.

Shannon Carpenter

Although Carpenter occasionally displays her dancing skills, notably in the Netflix movie Work It, her sister Shannon is deeply entrenched in the dance world as both a dancer and choreographer.

Shannon frequently posts videos on Instagram showcasing her talents, from doing improv to rehearsing in a studio.

Sarah Carpenter

Sarah has collaborated with Carpenter on a few occasions.

Alongside her appearances as a background actor in Carpenter’s hit Disney Channel series “Girl Meets World,” as documented on her IMDb page, Sarah also contributed backing vocals to Carpenter’s debut album “Eyes Wide Open” in 2015.

The sisters discussed the pleasures of collaborating in a behind-the-scenes video shared on YouTube.

“We just clicked. We were really in sync,” Sarah said about working with her sister.

During Carpenter’s ascent to stardom, Sarah expressed her immense pride in her little sister.

“It’s been so crazy, her journey,” she said. “She just deserves it so much.” 

Sarah has collaborated closely with Carpenter and several other artists throughout her career.

Particularly noteworthy is her collaboration with Carpenter’s former boyfriend, Bassett, on several EPs.

Notably, she served as the creative director for his trilogy of music videos, including “Crisis,” “Secret,” and “Set Me Free,” and also co-directed his “Feel Something” music video in 2021.

Sabrina Carpenter

Carpenter provides a candid glimpse into her personal life through her music, whether she’s delving into her love life on her album “Emails I Can’t Send” or talking about her family in song lyrics.

In her single “Skinny Dipping” from her fifth studio album, she mentions her sister Shannon by name, as she muses about meeting up with an ex in a coffee shop and talking about their life.


Carpenter’s sisters undoubtedly stand as her greatest supporters, frequently expressing their pride in the singer on social media.

Beyond heartfelt tributes, they consistently demonstrate their unwavering support during significant career moments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are Sarah and Sabrina Carpenter twins?

The sisters share a strong bond, frequently showcasing their closeness on social media.

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