Who are siblings of Terry Fox? The Man behind the Marathon of Hope revolutionized cancer research in Canada

Terry Fox during Marathon of Hope
Terry Fox during the Marathon of Hope


While Terry Fox captured the hearts of Canadians with his courageous Marathon of Hope to raise money and awareness for cancer research, he didn’t go through life alone.

Terry had three siblings who helped shape who he was and offered support during his incredible journey.

Fred Fox (Born 1949)

Terry’s brother, Fred, four years older than Terry Fox, was his closest companion growing up in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Both Terry and Fred shared an exceptionally tight bond.

Fred admired Terry’s athletic abilities from a very young age.

When the devastating news came that Terry Fox’s leg would be cut due to osteogenic sarcoma, Fred was in awe of his 18-year-old brother’s resilience.

As Terry made the amazing decision to run across Canada on one leg, Fred was his rock.

He followed along in a van during the Marathon of Hope, handling media relations and speaking engagements to promote the cause.

Judith Fox (Born 1954)

Terry’s sister, Judith, idolized her older brother.

The two were extremely close growing up.

When Terry’s iconic run captured national attention, Judith stepped up to help the Fox family field the onslaught of media inquiries and requests to interview the hero.

In later years, Judith continued advocating for disability causes and the Terry Fox Foundation to honor her brother’s legacy.


Darrell Fox (b. 1961)

Image of Darrell Fox discusses his brother Terry's Marathon of Hope, Comox Valley Record
Darrell Fox discusses his brother Terry’s Marathon of Hope and the Comox Valley Record


At eight years younger, Darrell was just a young boy when Terry became a national celebrity with the Marathon of Hope.

Though too young at the time to fully comprehend the magnitude of Terry’s achievement, Darrell would later have an awakening.

He came to hugely admire his older brother as an extraordinary role model of strength, perseverance and humility.

Darrell has worked tirelessly as an ambassador for the Terry Fox Foundation, visiting schools and events to ensure Terry’s brave story lives on.

While Terry Fox will forever be the star of his own remarkable story, his siblings were critically important players behind the scenes.

The Fox family rallied together to support Terry’s brave quest, united by their belief in his noble mission.

Table of Facts About Terry Fox

Fact Details
Full Name Terrance Stanley Fox
Birthdate July 28, 1958
Birthplace Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Parents Betty and Rolly Fox
Siblings Fred (older brother), Judith and Darrell (younger siblings)
Childhood Raised in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Diagnosis Osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) at age 18 in 1977
Amputation right leg amputated 15 cm above the knee in 1977
Marathon of Hope Started running across Canada in April 1980 to raise money for cancer research
Route Ran over 5,300 km from St. John’s, Newfoundland, before ending near Thunder Bay, Ontario
Distance Completed 3,339 miles (5,373 km)
Days Spent Running 143
Amount Raised Initial $1.7 million raised, growing to over $850 million for cancer research
Sadly, I passed away. June 28, 1981, at age 22, after cancer spread to his lungs
Legacy The annual Terry Fox Run has been held worldwide since 1981 in his honor


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