Who are the siblings of Feargal Sharkey, the lead vocalist of the punk rock band The Undertones?

Feargal Sharkey
Feargal Sharkey


Feargal Sharkey, a well-known singer from Northern Ireland best recognized as the lead vocalist of the punk rock band The Undertones, has several siblings.

His family was quite large, and he grew up with six siblings: John Sharkey, Dermot Sharkey, Barry Sharkey, Paula Sharkey and John Sharkey

This article will dive into Feargal Sharkey’s brothers and sisters and their family bond.

John Sharkey

John played the part of the eldest brother. From the first day, he joined in shaping Feargal’s music tastes.

He was a teenager in the early 1960s when the Beatles arrived in America and the British Invasion started. He carried their records of The Beatles, The Who, and The Kinks with him to our household.

John was a naturally gifted guitarist and the first chords he learned on the guitar he taught to his younger brother Feargal. 

He did not pursue a career playing music, but he did ignite Feargal’s interest in rock and develop his skills.

Before he passed, Feargal’s greatest recollection was linking up to John’s sound system and listening to their favorite songs in their room for many hours.

Although Feargal had departed for London, he would still come home during the holidays and jam with John, discovering several new moves.

He was  Feargal’s most faithful and persistent fan ever.

John was always glad to witness his younger brother’s progress in the music field.

Dermot Sharkey

During the 1950s, people in the same session as Feargal were younger because Dermot was born at thirteen months.

Despite having similar musical abilities to his brother, Dermot was rather athletically inclined.

He played first-team Gaelic football and rugby and was an excellent performer for his school.

Nevertheless, I am a keen supporter of Feargal’s band, The Undertones, under John’s contention.

He had so many gigs in the 1970s that, not only did he go by himself, but he even brought along friends to enlarge the audience.

By encouraging Feargal’s abilities, Dermot helped him realize some of his dreams and encouraged confidence in his abilities.

Although The Undertones were gaining popularity, Dermot never lost touch with who Feargal was, and he took Dermot’s fears away so as not to get arrogant about success.

Feargal believes Dermot served as his energy source and was the one who showed him where the support was.

As for this, the two were so inseparable that even their love for the Manchester United football club bound them together. However, his comment.

In this regard, Feargal still remains grateful to Dermot for listening to him through the craziness of his music career.

Barry Sharkey

Barry, born in 1961, was not only Feargal’s brother but his closest friend. Growing up together and sharing a room, they both ventured into rock music.

Barry became a skilled guitarist, and together they started a band.

However, Barry also got entangled in the political strife of the Troubles, occasionally finding himself on the wrong side of the law in Derry.

Feargal admired Barry’s spirit, hoping he’d use his rebellious energy positively.

Tragically, Barry’s sudden death in 2009 deeply affected Feargal, who felt he had lost a part of himself.

For Feargal, remembering Barry is a poignant reminder to embrace life fully.



Paula Sharkey

Feargal Sharkey’s sister, Paula Sharkey, is the oldest of her siblings; she was born in the mid-1960s.

Her sister was selfish and her brother quiet, but this didn’t distract Sharkey from her studies.

She aimed to become a teacher, admiring Feargal not as a relative but as the world’s most genius artist.

Though she didn’t perform, she supported the Undertones as a devoted fan. When Feargal moved to London, he distanced himself from his fellow countrymen, except for his beloved Paula.

She became his steadfast supporter, especially in self-care, while also teaching her children the same values in Dublin.

Despite some family blindness to these virtues, Paul remained a dedicated brother to his little sister.

Fun Facts about Sean Feargal Sharkey

Fact Details
Full Name Sean Feargal Sharkey
Born August 13, 1958, in Derry, Northern Ireland
Famous as Lead vocalist of The Undertones
Hit Single with The Undertones “Teenage Kicks”
Solo Career Highlight “A Good Heart” was his 1985 single, which was a hit in several countries
Career Shift Transitioned from music performance to music industry executive
Advocacy Known for his advocacy on music rights and policies, especially in digital music rights
Recognition Awarded for his services to music, including lobbying for musicians’ rights
Interesting Shift Became involved in environmental activism, focusing on water quality in UK rivers
Personal Note Known for his distinctively high-pitched voice which became his signature sound in the 80s

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