Who Is Blake Griffin’s Brother? All About Former NBA Player Taylor Griffin

Who Is Blake Griffin’s Brother: All About Former NBA Player Taylor Griffin.!!!

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Blake Griffin and Taylor Griffin played college basketball together in their home state of Oklahoma.

Since 2009, Blake Griffin has consistently played in the NBA for teams such as the Detroit Pistons and the Boston Celtics.

Meanwhile, his brother, Taylor Griffin, also had a stint in the NBA.

Three years Blake’s senior, Taylor entered the NBA the same year as Blake, starting his career with the Phoenix Suns in 2009.

Later, he played basketball in Europe and retired in 2016.

Recently, in April 2024, Blake decided to retire after 13 seasons, following in his brother’s footsteps.

Raised by a basketball coach and a tutor, Blake and Taylor were homeschooled by their mother until their teenage years.

Their father coached their high school basketball team, leading them to win two Oklahoma state championships.

The brothers have stayed close into adulthood.

They manage the Team Griffin Foundation together, aiming to give young basketball players new opportunities.

Blake once said on the foundation’s website, “Growing up in Oklahoma, Taylor and I gained a lot from Team Griffin Basketball.

Now, we have the chance to support the upcoming generation of athletes.”

So, who is Blake Griffin’s brother?

Taylor Griffin is more than just an ex-NBA player; he’s a key figure in nurturing future basketball talent.

He was born on April 18, 1986, in Oklahoma

Taylor Griffin as a child

Taylor Griffin came into the world on April 18, 1986, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, born to parents Tommy and Gail Griffin.

His dad had played basketball at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

Tommy Griffin, their father, coached Taylor and his brother Blake at Oklahoma Christian School.

During the high school seasons of 2003-04 and 2004-05, the brothers played side by side and secured two state basketball championships, as reported by ESPN.

Blake shared with ESPN how he always tagged along with Taylor.

He said, “I was always on his heels, trying to keep up or join him wherever he went.”

He was homeschooled until the 10th grade

For several years, Taylor and Blake Griffin’s mother homeschooled them.

Eventually, they joined a private school when Taylor reached 10th grade, and Blake was in the eighth grade.

In 2008, Gail Griffin expressed to ESPN her fondness for those times.

She said, “It wasn’t always easy every day, but I cherished every moment with them.”

She described Taylor as independent and hardworking from the start, with Blake quickly taking after him.

Gail added, “Blake was always eager to finish his studies so he could play outside, but they both handled their schooling well.”

He attended the University of Oklahoma

Taylor attended the University of Oklahoma between 2005 and 2009, earning his bachelor’s degree in health and exercise science.

Playing basketball for Oklahoma with his brother, their team reached the Elite Eight in the 2009 NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

He got drafted into the NBA in 2009

Taylor Griffin #32 of the Iowa Energy, on assignment from the Phoenix Suns, shoots over the defense of Renaldo Major #7 from the Dakota Wizards

In the 2009 NBA Draft, the Phoenix Suns chose Taylor Griffin as their 48th pick.

That same year, Blake, his brother, was the top pick.

Taylor played with the Suns for a year and later, he moved on to play in the NBA’s minor league, the NBA G League.

He played basketball in Belgium and Italy

Taylor Griffin #12 of the Santa Cruz Warriors passes the ball against the Austin Spurs during the Western Conference Final NBA D-League game

Taylor Griffin spent the majority of his basketball career in the United States but also took his talents to Europe.

According to his LinkedIn, he joined a Belgian team in 2010 and an Italian team in 2015.

He hung up his professional basketball shoes in 2016.

He married Marieka Griffin in 2011

Taylor Griffin and his wife

Taylor Griffin and Marieka, his wife, tied the knot in 2011 after meeting during their college years.

In 2018, to celebrate Taylor’s 32nd birthday, Marieka posted their pictures on Instagram with a caption that read, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man who has been bringing joy to my life for over 11 years.”

On their eighth anniversary, Taylor shared their photos on Instagram, expressing, “You’re everything I need and more!”

He has three children

Taylor Griffin and his family

According to Marieka’s Instagram bio, she and Taylor have three kids: two girls and a boy.

Their daughters, Teagan Marie and Tinsley Drew, arrived in 2017 and 2018, respectively, and their son, Taylan Drae, joined the family in 2022.

Taylor praised his wife’s parenting in a 2021 Instagram post, saying, “She tackles every day with a smile, boundless positivity, and incredible energy.”

He admitted, “I don’t always manage that… she makes it seem effortless. Love you, @rieksag!”

He works in athlete relations

Taylor Griffin attends the premiere of OBB Pictures and go90's 'The 5th Quarter'

Taylor’s LinkedIn profile reveals that he’s involved in athlete relations at Patricof Co, a firm that invests alongside pro athletes, since June 2021.

Besides, he has served as the Chief Operating Officer at Blake Griffin Enterprises, starting from June 2016.

He’s president of the Team Griffin Foundation

Blake Griffin and Taylor Griffin attend the Hulu Upfront 2018 Brunch at La Sirena on May 2, 2018

Taylor collaborates with his brother at the Team Griffin Foundation, which dedicates itself to uplifting young athletes.

Since September 2016, he has led as the president of the foundation.

Additionally, from August 2016 to September 2019, Taylor directed the Team Griffin Basketball program.

Blake thanked him when he announced his retirement from the NBA

On his birthday, April 18, 2024, Blake Griffin took to Instagram to declare his NBA retirement.

In a detailed message, he expressed gratitude towards his family.

He stated, “There are many who have greatly shaped my career, yet in this brief note, I must give special thanks to my parents, Tommy and Gail, and my brother, Taylor, for their unwavering support and advice.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Taylor Griffin

Q. What has Taylor Griffin done after his basketball career? After retiring from basketball, Taylor Griffin has been active in athlete relations and business.

A. He works with Patricof Co, a private investment platform for professional athletes, and has been the Chief Operating Officer of Blake Griffin Enterprises since June 2016.

Taylor is also involved with the Team Griffin Foundation, serving as its president since September 2016 and contributing to the development of young athletes.


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