Who Is Chance the Rapper Brother? Everything Regarding Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett, the younger brother of Grammy award-winning rapper Chance the Rapper, is making his mark in the music world.

He’s an artist himself, with many mixtapes, sold-out shows, and four albums.

This article delves into Taylor Bennett’s family, life, career, and his tight bond with Chance the Rapper.


Meet Taylor Bennett, Chance the Rapper’s Younger Brother

Taylor Matthew Bennett, an American rapper, hails from the West Chatham neighborhood of Chicago.

He released an album named “Broad Shoulders,” featuring artists like Donnie Trumpet, King Louie, and his elder brother Chance the Rapper.

Born on January 19, 1996, in Peoria, Illinois, he is 28 years old. Bennett has another album titled “Restoration Of An American Idol” and is associated with record labels Tay Bennett Ent. and UnitedMasters.

His parents are Ken Bennett and Lisa Bennett, and he has a sibling, Chance the Rapper.

About Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper, born Chancelor Johnathan Bennett on April 16, 1993, is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer from Chicago.

He released his debut mixtape, “10 Day,” in 2012, gaining mainstream recognition with his second mixtape, “Acid Rap,” in 2013.

His third mixtape, “Coloring Book” (2016), earned critical acclaim and commercial success, winning a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

His debut studio album, “The Big Day,” followed in 2019, achieving commercial success.

Music Career

Similar to his brother, Bennett has crafted his own unique sound and style of rapping. Influential artists like Twista, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar have played a significant role in shaping his musical journey.

He particularly credits Kanye West’s “College Dropout” for showing him the fun-loving side of music.

His brother, Chance, insisted that Bennett build his own fanbase before receiving support and promotion.

This step was crucial for his growth as an artist. Eventually, Bennett began selling out shows at local venues like Reggie’s and even had the opportunity to open for his idol Nas at a Lollapalooza afterparty in 2014.

Following his rise, Bennett and his brother collaborated on the track “Broad Shoulders,” which also became the title track of one of his recent mixtapes.

In 2015, Bennett dropped the mixtape “Broad Shoulders,” featuring local artists like Logan Parks, Talia Stewart, and Jordan Bratton.

Notably, this was his first full album without sampling elements from existing songs.

Then, in July 2018, Bennett released a single titled “Rock n Roll” along with a video previewing his upcoming EP, “Be Yourself.”

Taylor Bennett’s Net Worth

In 2024, Taylor Bennett’s net worth has soared to approximately $1 million, reflecting his growing popularity and success in music.

His gradual rise, driven by talent and dedication, has yielded a thriving career.

In contrast, Chance the Rapper’s net worth stands at around $25 million, fueled by ongoing music success and entrepreneurial ventures.

Chance The Rapper and his brother, Taylor Bennett, are close

Being so close in age, the brothers naturally had disagreements during childhood. “We definitely fought growing up,” revealed the “Brain Cells” rapper to People magazine.

“I think the older we got, the more it set in that no matter what, we will always have each other and that family is a bond we won’t take for granted.”

Reflecting on their strong bond, Chance compared the Bennett brothers to famous cartoon friends.

“Donald [Duck] and Mickey [Mouse] complement each other really well, and I think Taylor and I are the same way.

We push each other to be better musicians, fathers, brothers, and partners, but we also always have each other’s back,” he explained.

What happened to Chance the Rapper?

The 30-year-old hip-hop star, along with influencer Kirsten, also 30, married in 2019 but announced their decision to “amicably” end their marriage.

They share two children and stated on Instagram, “After a period of separation, the two of us have decided to part ways.”

Chance and Kirsten, who knew each other since childhood, began dating in 2013, welcomed their first child, Kensli, in 2015, and got engaged in 2018.

They married in 2019 and welcomed their second child, Marli, shortly after. He had previously expressed gratitude for raising children with Kirsten.

Chance the Rapper works closely with his brother and father

Chance the Rapper built his reputation independently, achieving the distinction of being the first artist to win a Grammy Award solely for a streaming project.

When he sought management, Chance turned to his younger brother for assistance.

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